Thursday, September 3, 2009



OKAY~i got all picture from Luji~~XD
thanks Fish PO~!!!!
it was a fun working with u~^^
and Rozi,Fadri and the other i can't remember his name~~=="
enjoy the picture~~^^

take 1~with the poster~~XD
take 2~

take 3~

hugging the fridge~which we open and close also
touch the most in work~~XD

the last day of working~
BORING~no customer..
so my design of the POP plastic bag~~~LIMITED EDITION le~~


us~Pop advertising~^^

pretend to be emo ar~~~~

i look so UGLY~~

us again~normal shot~

smile till so happy hor~~?!

the 1st try~

this little adorable girl came to us when we was SS-ing~~^^

continue wit SS-ing~XD

blur case~~hahahah
LuJi say i look fantasy wo~??==
so cartoony ZADAO~!!

me~bored with the work jO~~

see also know is who hand la~~!!kacau me~X(

look very hard working je~fake d~!!

loL~!!funny~~we spot this guy since the 1st day work~!!
he look like Ah Kang le~~

me~trying to act cool~!!but..FAIL~
LuJi want my picture to put at her hp contact picture~XD
happy ma~only u got my so 38 picture~

us again~!!work till SIAO d~

we love the fridge~

me~~tired look~

take 1~

take 2~people are looking at me~
so pretend cover my mouth~

take 3~not ready la~

our booth~POP!!TINGE~!!come come~~~

end of our working day~~

Rozi last day~~^^our 2nd last day~

LuJi affair of his~reason::
cause he watch PORN video next to us only~!!F**K
i also very scare ge le~!!
use me as "tang jian pai"==!!


-lu yi- said...

wat lu ji fish po????? no manners punya siao za bo..
wat is ss la?? hahaha~~
say me fake + kacau some more la? okay~ u remember it ar..
got ppl saw 'ah kang' keep lookin keep lookin.. some more yam yam siew.. like hao po.. wakaka~

Carolinelzt said...

word attack wu~~~~~

don't who 1st eye saw "ah kang" call me see le~~
then make me so embarrassing lo~~
make tht fellow though i suka hiM~!!

-lu yi- said...

blek~ =p =p~~
ask u to see whether look alike or not mah.. mana tau u donno think wat there then paiseh here n there..
hide behind da fridge.. wakaka..