Friday, October 30, 2009


8:11 PM 7
ignore me~~~~~~~~~
i releasing my stress here.

no anger no sadness.normal me with plenty of stress and many thing to think of~!
especially my mountain high assignment.
i just wasting my time blogging.
waste my time to think too much.
believe me guys, I'M NOT REGRET~!!
sure most of you sure say stop pretending d.
feel sad cry out~i will lend you my shoulder
but i think u can keep it for yourself~!

Canon in D~LOVING IT~

2:34 AM 0
suddenly feel so different.
and so desperate to listen to my favorite classical music^^~
so search from Youtube and found many type of version~LOL
got rap, break dance song, remix techno and etc....
but i still love the
remix piano
and violin


than i remember bout one commercial from Thailand that use Canon in D.
i LOVE that commercial, the story, the messages and most of all the
enjoy~wish everyone love it just like me.
i can watch this 100 time and still LOVE it~!!

lastly, want to thanks China Lou[Feng] accompany me dinner ar~xD
and i chat with him quite comfortable.
atleast i say everything i wanted to say and i release my anger^^

sleep luu~~^^

Thursday, October 29, 2009


9:01 PM 3
I'm not regret, i say this all sure don't believe la.
never mind you guys like to believe then believe don't i also can't do nothing~=="

today, reach Tamadun class early,first time is it~!?LOL
then U1 group having replacement class with us.
after Tamadun is Photography lecturer, TTG release us early 1hour.
so do what le? our Webpage lectures has cancelled.
our English class is on 6pm=="
got 4hours free time, so go 1U watch Jennifer Body~~^^
OK OK lo~quite nice la..3/5
than 5pm go back college for English.
finish English class already 7pm~!!
so late, so tired everyone rushing to go home.
Thanks Shaun for fetch us home^^
got home rest till now.
haven bath cause to cold~!!
haven eat cause no people accompany me~T.T
now 9.25pm.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


7:42 PM 0
no mood~nothing to do.
blog hopping and landed at Raine blog~
but my SUCK computer can't see any chinese word=="
need copy and paste only can read her post.
and i read her lastest post, this it is.
sorry i can't copy and paste it, so use print screen.
press the picture to enlarge.
i quite like what she say, the fact.



5:38 PM 2
Once again~i know something i should not know.
i don't like it at all.
why everything have to be so cruel !?
so it maybe none of my business anymore, but why let me find out the true!!
YOU FUCKER!!!!!!I HATE YOU~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!

i feel so pain. Wanted to hide myself in a room.
feel want to cry out loud. I really can't stand it anymore.
every time something happen i can't say it out.
it all will just live in my heart, can't take it off~!
"their" attacking me again, and i lose~I'm a loser, am I~!?

i always think that I'm tough enough and it does not bother me.
i think I'm wrong. so this it is~life, reality, fact

i will be a cheerful lady just like the past.
i will not show my sadness.
i will not let people know what i thinking.
i will not let my friends worry bout me.
i will keep everything in me.
i will add oil in everything~!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


7:03 PM 2
i realize that a Singaporean not sure is a guys or chick.
i will stated 'the' as Shemale~LOL

Shemale have visit my blog several times~
and have click most of my friend link and most of them is chick blog.
don't know what 'the' want.maybe finding girlfriend~LOL

next thing is, that Facebook have some changes~!!
i did not online for 6days je, need change till don't know how or not o~!!
don't what live feed and view new feed
look so SUCK lo~~hate it!!

and i also realize Facebook can do something so nice and interesting~~XD
go and try it out~!!it amaze~~^^
here follow this steps~::

on your keyboard, press UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A then Enter
and scroll up or down, you will saw the magic~^^

and i realize I'm BROKE~!!
and gain FAT~!! have to work more more more
to get money and diet~!!
and my homework and assignment haven finish~!!!

go bath and dinner~

Im Back~

5:53 PM 3
hmm~i did not online for 6 Days.
cause of my personal problem.
and i miss most of my studies, and my college friend activities.
continue my previous post,

as what i written there i fail 2subject~!!
i feel very very sad cause i fail just by 5marks.
that night i when for dinner and bump into Long, Jason and KaiXian.
their mouth are still the same~!!F**KER mouth.
what they say really damn hurt and give me pressure or it really stress me!!
and it actually make me want to cry, immediately my mood go down to the hell level.
but sad also not helping me at all.
what i can do is, resit and study hard for my 2nd sem.
show 'THOSE F**KER' i can do it~!!
and throw back those word to them~!!

erm~i will not say anything about the 6 days i disappear.
this month and next month is Birthday month i think=="
so many people i know birthday!!!

AhFei:: 8 Oct
Leon:: 23rd Oct
Louis:: 25 Oct
Kenny:: 27 Oct
Lennon:: 28 Oct
Reno:: 31 Oct [ and on the same day Sarah bro getting marry^^]

Chipmunk:: 15 Nov
ZhiJun[Ah Gal]:: 20 Nov
Shaun:: 21st Nov
Catherine[sis]:: 22 Nov[21years Birthday]
KarWai:: 24 Nov
PaoZheng+CheeLing:: 28 Nov

Sunday-25 Oct-
i have plan a surprise party for my Precious Louis
we are friend since primary it almost 9years friend^^
i can't done the party by myself right~
of cause the help from Keith, Herng and other lo.
we play, we eat, we drink and we DANCE~
at Louis house. Everyone when home at 1am++

yesterday plan to see doctor.
when to government clinic near Jalan Puchong.
but did not meet the doctor, cause it was full of people waiting their turn.
not wasting time i ran away=="
and 4pm when to TimeSquare meet Reno and others
watch Meatball 3D. NiCE~!! 3.5/5
the other 0.5 give Reno, cause what he say make us laugh~=D
after movie i when to Sg Wang buy my sis 21 years old Birthday present.
not only for her, i can't say now what it is later my sibling come read my blog then HABIS~
hahahaa..but it was nice^^

want to thanks Keith before i write today post~LOL
cause he fetch me back Genting Kelang^^
from Puchong to GK then to Tarc.
after Ms. Yarshi class when to SSH office to submit resit form.
but the lady told us, resit HE need to go Q block, which it is very far away from SSH block=="
so me and JasonLiew walk to Q block=="
after submit both forms, when home by bus
when i reach GK it was raining, have to walk under the rain lo.
now feel hungry~!!haven eat, i only have Lo Mai Kai as my breakfast till now [7pm].

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Exam Result

7:31 PM 0
yesterday wake up early to check m sem 1 exam result.
damn sad~!!want cry la~xD
i fail 2subject==", so have to resit d!!!
is HE and Intro To Art~!!

too be continue....
go LuYi house jo~~~~~~

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Day With Chris

8:38 PM 6
18 October 09-Sunday-

a family day, so when shopping with my elder sis [Christina]
but guess what time we reach Time Square==
5pm~!!cause she waited for me to bath i waited for her to bath=="
i don't know why i go with her~
i have not money, and already so late
go there buy a t-shirt only~!!SHIT..pek-cek

she bought 2 t-shirt, a chiffon layer dress, a V top~
all i help her choose also~xD
so i can wear when i want~!!!!hahahahahaha
then feel hungry when to a HongKong culture restaurant outside Low Yat.
i bum into our DML 1 Ah Long [Jules]
she say she eat for the whole day at Sg Wang~xD
but still so thin~~~~JEALOUS lo!!!!
back to us, my sis order 9 spicy fish ball, fried big intestine, 3meat ball and a bowl of chicken mushroom shark fin soup~!!YuMmy~~~~~~~~~~

finish eat, continue shop at Sg Wang.
but bought nothing, just walk.
then go back home at 8pm++

then wait Reno to fetch me and LuYi to go Gao Wong Ye [The Nine King] temple.
this the 1st year i when there.don't ask why!?
it was full of people~!!jam of people, many smoke and many ashes all around my head=="
i realize actually short people at that time quite good~XD
but all ashes will fall on our head=="

after praying all god, when for our dinner/supper
vegetarian, but very expensive==
vegetarian food very nice d, last time i use to eat with friends.
then when home after eat, i also bought 2pack of 'ting ting sweet'^^

so funny, on the way to and back from temple we are laughing like crazy people~xD
cause we lost in Ampang==" and we meet twice police operation.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Forever Memory

10:44 PM 7

really hard to say so, but it is a fact.
erm..i think my friend will know sooner or later.
ya~the question u guys ask~ya

this was not what i really want.
i really thought we can stay in relation of 'long distance' till 2years later.
ya~what a dream.
this is my fault, i think not this but most of it.
i just read your blog.
kay, i feel very sorry and don't know why my tear started to attack me once again~
this what i choose i have no right to cry, i the 1 who end our love.
ya~i have a bit sad bout that 'word' happen between us.

i don't mind you saying me selfish or suck.
i admit i quite selfish/suck, i can't stand the long distance relation anymore.
i can't control to lost my love to you
not lost but is fading.

maybe this really is good for you and me
so you won't suffer and always waiting for miracle.
it also not worth for you to give your precious love to someone like me.
since i know you, my fairy tales wish come true
but your nightmare started.
so end this should have end your nightmare also, right?

wish you, all the best, happy and +oil in your study
so we back to friend again
when you are bored, frustrated or want to find a listener can still find me.
when back from India remember find me for tea ba~if still can.
i will never forget every moment of our Love and places we have been.^^
sorry and thanks for everything.

so this the end of my fairy tales, i think?!
started:: 14 February 09
end:: 16 October 09
total:: 8 month 2 days

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Misunderstood Happen Every Time~!!

9:41 PM 0

hmm~~this i think most of us sure will have misunderstand other people, right?
i admit i did..^^
but at the end i also know the true and feel damn sorry~

most people just too STUPID~
they always think negative thing, so STOP think negative d..

happy is most important.
hope u 'GUYS' don't spoil all of your's friendship which u guys planted sp long~

Zuu~uu~tick tock tick tock~

7:50 PM 8

whole day did not attend any class
so night Ah Pa only fetch me back Genting kelang~^^
that day whole day didn't eat~!!GENG le..
dinner only eat not more than 1/4 of the noodle
whole day so tired no energy and want to vomit~!!
than bit of headache stomach like got zillion of needles..



morning got Digital Illustration pratical by Ms Tan Yarshi.
she look so 'Yeng' and got Anita Mui beauty, those elegant beauty!!
i most like admire that kind of beauty~!!LOL
Ms Yarshi is very friendly and funny lecturer^^*NICE
1st assignment have given=="
title is Soapa Soapa~~cute name le.
this what Ms Yarshi called it, so can you imagine how funny lecturer she can be?!..XD
then next class was English For Communication guess who was my lecturer~^^
i haven seen him more than 1year i think~hahaha
think yourself if you are same secondary school with me~xD
that day morning also no appetite=="
lunch at economy rice then, night eat maggi only~PITY me!!
today got 2 Practical class but, cause school did not told us properly.
so we decided to think positive, that today class have start~XD
so go MOVIE~~hahahaha
watch Surrogate..erm~ok lo..consider as nice^^
then have a tea at Station 1 before go home rest~~~
later 2nd round is Cola Club..^^
today also GENG~
i only eat lunch, my noodle only finish half bowl=="
morning till afternoon no appetite again~!!!
till now hungry jo~~PITY me~!!hahaha

tick tock tick tock~~~
waiting for the time to pass and waiting for my sis to come back with my dinner~~~!!
fast come back ar!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


11:50 PM 0
i have changed my blog music~~^^
not SHE song

*Lady Gaga - POker Face
*Boa - Energetic
*Boa - Eat You Up
*Wonder Girl - Nobody
*Kim Ah Joong - Byul
*Jewelry - Tonight
*Pachelbel - Canon In D Major


Should i !?

11:33 PM 0
should i seek for a medical check??

my nose is more and more serious..
i was like having flu for 365 days!!=="
i can't even sleep..i already suffering insomnia problem,
so i always have to roll here and there on my bed for about 1-2hours
now my nose problem, made me can't even SLEEP~!!!
when i lay down i feel so difficult to breath.. i wake up every 2-3hours run to the toilet..

this whole day i am sneezing like hell !!
nose like going to burst..
i sneeze till feel like vomiting!!
my nose is so so so itchy~~~~HELP ME!!

my left eye is very pain..
the pain is like bruises pain, Ah Pa say my eye is swollen d..=="
but it look normal le..just pain..
sometime when i about to sleep it will start to headache a bit..

should i diet and more exercise??

i have gain weight~!!
everyone saw me and say I'm Fat!!
some day i look so meaty~!!=="
should cut down my snack section~!!
no McDonald~no fried thingy~no soft drink~
but i can't live without SNACK~!!!!!!!

can anyone teach me how to diet in a short time??LOL

should i sleep early and wake up early??

i have a pair of panda eyes~!!
cause late sleep..and insomnia..
should try to sleep early and cure my insomnia and
wake up earlier so i won't late to school and have a healthy body~LOL
it also will prevent PIMPLES and BLACK PORE~!!!



4:21 PM 3
Im so bored now~!!nothing can do..
watch Naruto eat snack and facebook-ing=="
early in the morning wake up already receive two messages, from XueYi and Fei
saying tomorrow all classes is CANCEL~!!
starting of new sem and all classes CANCEL everyday..
boring~make me have to think of something to do tomorrow
any suggestion..
where i can go for tomorrow~~!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


8:26 PM 0
My computer have brain cancer
even doctor also can't cure 'him'~!!!
all my picture, song, movie, memory video and my homework/assignment all LOST~!!
but my dad still trying his best to help me to fix it~^^
thank dad~~~~~~

hope can fix la...if not sure no mood!!
i should copy to a disk or pendrive ar~!!why i so stupid=="
whole day only eat 3-5spoon of macaroni cheese and a cup of nestle as breakfast
then maggi mee tomyam as lunch till now
and muruku with a cup of orange juice as dinner~GENG

i suddenly so ADMIRE myself tim~~!hahahaha

**guess who make me have to eat muruku ask dinner~!!
it is
Catherine LIM!!!if not her i should be at Puchong house eating my mom dishes=="
cause her boyfriend she when out at 12pm till now!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


11:50 PM 1
what this~!!i feeling bad~~~~~~~~~
what kind of feeling is this..

mood so chaotic!!!is it chaotic?? don't care la!
it is because of you??
WHATEVER~~~~~~~~~~~go sleep tomorrow morning class AGAIN~!!
then badminton=="

so not in the mood of doing thing!~!



8:18 PM 2
X1 W***x line is also damn slow!!
Puchong house was using X1 W***x line thought it will be fast
YA~fast on the 15 free try day only=="
after that, it just the same!!!
can't upload a picture when open a website need wait very long

maybe is my sis and bro play online game so it lag like hell
or cause my house area was not in the coverage area~
if both also not mean~I KENA TIPU~!!
my parent is blaming on me cause i work for X1 W***x before and intro them to use it=="
and now SLOW SLOW LAG LAG~~~~~


now I'm alone at Genting Kelang house..
all housemate haven came back from hometown
sis and her boyfriend when out for dinner~
so i curi-curi use her laptop to blog^^"

feel want to go yum cha x(
today when to school at 12pm to attend Photography lecture it finish in 30minute!!
so we got 3hours before Fundamentals and Web Page
we when to Old Town to have lunch, then to Wangsa Walk
but still got 1hour+ before lecture start so when to MU McDonald have some Sundae ice-cream~~~^^
everyone waited for 30minute in DK ABC end up no lecturer show up=="

so go home lo~~wasted my time and money to go here and there
and i just take a cheque of total RM703 from Tarc
it is sibling discount Rm700 to use!!


On the first day of sem2
i got a lecture start at 8am i when there on time
end up it was cancel~!!=="
so me and my friends have our breakfast and go to 1U for movie
it is Sorority was NICE~!!nicer than FD4
5/5 for this movie~~^^

this movie is bout a group of girl that play a prank on 1 of their sis boyfriend and end up it was......
go watch yourself la~!! =P


so boring~~
find someone to lim teh with me sin~!!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mooncake Fest~

4:21 PM 2
yesterday my house did not success in BBQ
cause mom lazy making everything=="
so normal dinner~but many dish =)

after Dinner, as every years we have do..
Notti Family gathering
but not all was there..Ling when to temple with her boyfriend and
LuYi, Bert and Herng parents don't let
but still many member are there, got::
me, WeiLi, Angie, Jing, Reno, Kelvin, Louis, Keith, SoongKit, Jacky, Mun and JianTung
we should have when to Genting =(

but Reno don't want, end up when to Jinjang eat dessert^^
at My Honeymoon Dessert, nice environment and many kind of dessert
it got a part was hanging with clothes, key chain and accessories it for sell
the girls do something usually they do lo~~TAKE PICTURE~ xP
then when back to order dessert eat eat eat~
then 1am++ Reno, Jing and Angie when home
the other when to Cheras look out point, but place park
full of people=="
so when to Kolam Air Panas, but is to dark nothing to do also
so go back to OUG Steven Corner~LOL

be it is so funny, long time did not go 'yao che ho'
got 6 car~!!

*Kelvin = Perodua Viva [modify]
*Mun = Proton Persona [modify]
*JianTung = Proton Gen2 [modify]
*Jacky = Honda City [modify]
*Reno = Perodua Myvi
*Keith = Perodua Kancil

picture will be post when i get it~~^^

Friday, October 2, 2009


5:12 PM 2
so boring~~~!!
nothing can do d..
i have spend 2week++ holidays by doing useless thing and wasting MONEY~!!
go movie, sing K, eat, yumcha~
only clubbing i did not use any money=="
yesterday when out with Kelvin gor,who just came back from Singapore
for holiday~^^
go watch movie then yumcha at KimGary
we watch Accident nice is very nice but the ending i don't really like it~^^"
then accompany Herng fetch Bert to their college~Apiit College~
then go home bath at night when to OUG night market meet Kelvin and Summer
then fetch Reno and go Barcelona^^
not fun at all~!!boring, dance floor still the same full of people no place to dance!!
macam sardine=="
but many lady, cause lady night ma..
2am when home lo..
recently we go club very early go back d..
cause all work and study=="
so tomorrow is Mooncake festival lo~~^^
normally we Notti Family will go out every year of this fest..
but look like this year no planning..
want go Genting at midnight,
but some mom don't late some say scare too late the next day no energy go work~~
so they will plan gua..cause my house going to do BBQ
don't no success or not~=="

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Promise

3:10 AM 0
~the promise i have made~

is to answer your question
and wanted you to give me 1week time is here~
this Thursday will be the day to answer you ba~?
i won't write it out in my blog or yours..
i want to tell you thru phone,but i scare it will be a bad idea
anyway, i still want to~^^~

wonder what you doing right now??
think what i asked or you just ignore what i question?!
is okay if you ignore,cause you was so suffering at there
i don't want you to think other thing also

hmm~mooncake festival is coming..
there sure no mooncake eat d la and no does fest "qi fen" d la..
maybe you forgot that this Saturday is mooncake fest tim due to your busy study =)
wondering, should i send something to you!?
i worry will lost=="

and actually i do regret on your holidays
cause i did not appreciate when we have time to spend together~


i just finish read the Ayashi No Ceres^^
maybe i a bit outdated la..
cause it quite long since this manga have publish==
if any of comic lover that haven read it, go read it~!!
very nice~^^~
left few days before end of my 1st sem break~