Thursday, October 29, 2009



I'm not regret, i say this all sure don't believe la.
never mind you guys like to believe then believe don't i also can't do nothing~=="

today, reach Tamadun class early,first time is it~!?LOL
then U1 group having replacement class with us.
after Tamadun is Photography lecturer, TTG release us early 1hour.
so do what le? our Webpage lectures has cancelled.
our English class is on 6pm=="
got 4hours free time, so go 1U watch Jennifer Body~~^^
OK OK lo~quite nice la..3/5
than 5pm go back college for English.
finish English class already 7pm~!!
so late, so tired everyone rushing to go home.
Thanks Shaun for fetch us home^^
got home rest till now.
haven bath cause to cold~!!
haven eat cause no people accompany me~T.T
now 9.25pm.


-lu yi- said...

watch movie so fast 1 ar u..
just released then straight fly to watch d..

Carolinelzt said...

lOL~nt my fault la..
ah fei Tris they all want watch d~i tml night maybe go watch Poker King~

-lu yi- said...

tak boleh macam ini leh..
no kaki to watch movie d..
haha~ nvm la.. i find kaki again..