Friday, October 2, 2009



so boring~~~!!
nothing can do d..
i have spend 2week++ holidays by doing useless thing and wasting MONEY~!!
go movie, sing K, eat, yumcha~
only clubbing i did not use any money=="
yesterday when out with Kelvin gor,who just came back from Singapore
for holiday~^^
go watch movie then yumcha at KimGary
we watch Accident nice is very nice but the ending i don't really like it~^^"
then accompany Herng fetch Bert to their college~Apiit College~
then go home bath at night when to OUG night market meet Kelvin and Summer
then fetch Reno and go Barcelona^^
not fun at all~!!boring, dance floor still the same full of people no place to dance!!
macam sardine=="
but many lady, cause lady night ma..
2am when home lo..
recently we go club very early go back d..
cause all work and study=="
so tomorrow is Mooncake festival lo~~^^
normally we Notti Family will go out every year of this fest..
but look like this year no planning..
want go Genting at midnight,
but some mom don't late some say scare too late the next day no energy go work~~
so they will plan gua..cause my house going to do BBQ
don't no success or not~=="


Only Lex said...

blanc le club..
heritage KL
u noe

Carolinelzt said...

erm...tak tau~
fun mou geh??
18 cn in mou?will exp ma