Friday, October 9, 2009



My computer have brain cancer
even doctor also can't cure 'him'~!!!
all my picture, song, movie, memory video and my homework/assignment all LOST~!!
but my dad still trying his best to help me to fix it~^^
thank dad~~~~~~

hope can fix la...if not sure no mood!!
i should copy to a disk or pendrive ar~!!why i so stupid=="
whole day only eat 3-5spoon of macaroni cheese and a cup of nestle as breakfast
then maggi mee tomyam as lunch till now
and muruku with a cup of orange juice as dinner~GENG

i suddenly so ADMIRE myself tim~~!hahahaha

**guess who make me have to eat muruku ask dinner~!!
it is
Catherine LIM!!!if not her i should be at Puchong house eating my mom dishes=="
cause her boyfriend she when out at 12pm till now!!

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