Monday, October 19, 2009


A Day With Chris

18 October 09-Sunday-

a family day, so when shopping with my elder sis [Christina]
but guess what time we reach Time Square==
5pm~!!cause she waited for me to bath i waited for her to bath=="
i don't know why i go with her~
i have not money, and already so late
go there buy a t-shirt only~!!SHIT..pek-cek

she bought 2 t-shirt, a chiffon layer dress, a V top~
all i help her choose also~xD
so i can wear when i want~!!!!hahahahahaha
then feel hungry when to a HongKong culture restaurant outside Low Yat.
i bum into our DML 1 Ah Long [Jules]
she say she eat for the whole day at Sg Wang~xD
but still so thin~~~~JEALOUS lo!!!!
back to us, my sis order 9 spicy fish ball, fried big intestine, 3meat ball and a bowl of chicken mushroom shark fin soup~!!YuMmy~~~~~~~~~~

finish eat, continue shop at Sg Wang.
but bought nothing, just walk.
then go back home at 8pm++

then wait Reno to fetch me and LuYi to go Gao Wong Ye [The Nine King] temple.
this the 1st year i when there.don't ask why!?
it was full of people~!!jam of people, many smoke and many ashes all around my head=="
i realize actually short people at that time quite good~XD
but all ashes will fall on our head=="

after praying all god, when for our dinner/supper
vegetarian, but very expensive==
vegetarian food very nice d, last time i use to eat with friends.
then when home after eat, i also bought 2pack of 'ting ting sweet'^^

so funny, on the way to and back from temple we are laughing like crazy people~xD
cause we lost in Ampang==" and we meet twice police operation.


-lu yi- said...

my eyes also got smoked~ so tall or short also same.. haha~
met police block funny lo..
gan jiong~~ wakaka.. fast fast grab safety belt, cant get wor..
then da malt candy keep tok-ing my mouth.. pain lo~

L i b r a said...

i also call "Ah Loong" ;p

Carolinelzt said...

luyi::other c wht u tye sure dnt understand d..hahah~~but i un~!!

L i b r a said...

lol~ nothing actually, juz 38 at here only.

-lu yi- said...

good~ caroline.. u're gettin smarter n smarter.. lolx~

Carolinelzt said...

libra~u r my senior right?my senior ah long..LOL
luyi:: aduii~~is vry normal that im smart..stop praise me d la..hahah