Saturday, October 17, 2009


Forever Memory


really hard to say so, but it is a fact.
erm..i think my friend will know sooner or later.
ya~the question u guys ask~ya

this was not what i really want.
i really thought we can stay in relation of 'long distance' till 2years later.
ya~what a dream.
this is my fault, i think not this but most of it.
i just read your blog.
kay, i feel very sorry and don't know why my tear started to attack me once again~
this what i choose i have no right to cry, i the 1 who end our love.
ya~i have a bit sad bout that 'word' happen between us.

i don't mind you saying me selfish or suck.
i admit i quite selfish/suck, i can't stand the long distance relation anymore.
i can't control to lost my love to you
not lost but is fading.

maybe this really is good for you and me
so you won't suffer and always waiting for miracle.
it also not worth for you to give your precious love to someone like me.
since i know you, my fairy tales wish come true
but your nightmare started.
so end this should have end your nightmare also, right?

wish you, all the best, happy and +oil in your study
so we back to friend again
when you are bored, frustrated or want to find a listener can still find me.
when back from India remember find me for tea ba~if still can.
i will never forget every moment of our Love and places we have been.^^
sorry and thanks for everything.

so this the end of my fairy tales, i think?!
started:: 14 February 09
end:: 16 October 09
total:: 8 month 2 days


-lu yi- said...

i'll be anywhere for u..

KaedE said...

cheer up~ =)

-JF- said...
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-JF- said...

Lu yi like a ghost..-> I 'll be anywhre for u...=.="

Carolinelzt said...

loL~thx thx..but dun b a ghost whn i slp u sitting beside me looking at me wo..XD

-lu yi- said...

caroline ar, watch u sleep i very syok 1 leh..
cannot make me not lookin at u 1.. i want to take photos some more 1. wakaka~
stupid jeff~ u only ghost! =p

Carolinelzt said...

hahah~~bian tai kam yu po