Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Im Back~

hmm~i did not online for 6 Days.
cause of my personal problem.
and i miss most of my studies, and my college friend activities.
continue my previous post,

as what i written there i fail 2subject~!!
i feel very very sad cause i fail just by 5marks.
that night i when for dinner and bump into Long, Jason and KaiXian.
their mouth are still the same~!!F**KER mouth.
what they say really damn hurt and give me pressure or it really stress me!!
and it actually make me want to cry, immediately my mood go down to the hell level.
but sad also not helping me at all.
what i can do is, resit and study hard for my 2nd sem.
show 'THOSE F**KER' i can do it~!!
and throw back those word to them~!!

erm~i will not say anything about the 6 days i disappear.
this month and next month is Birthday month i think=="
so many people i know birthday!!!

AhFei:: 8 Oct
Leon:: 23rd Oct
Louis:: 25 Oct
Kenny:: 27 Oct
Lennon:: 28 Oct
Reno:: 31 Oct [ and on the same day Sarah bro getting marry^^]

Chipmunk:: 15 Nov
ZhiJun[Ah Gal]:: 20 Nov
Shaun:: 21st Nov
Catherine[sis]:: 22 Nov[21years Birthday]
KarWai:: 24 Nov
PaoZheng+CheeLing:: 28 Nov

Sunday-25 Oct-
i have plan a surprise party for my Precious Louis
we are friend since primary it almost 9years friend^^
i can't done the party by myself right~
of cause the help from Keith, Herng and other lo.
we play, we eat, we drink and we DANCE~
at Louis house. Everyone when home at 1am++

yesterday plan to see doctor.
when to government clinic near Jalan Puchong.
but did not meet the doctor, cause it was full of people waiting their turn.
not wasting time i ran away=="
and 4pm when to TimeSquare meet Reno and others
watch Meatball 3D. NiCE~!! 3.5/5
the other 0.5 give Reno, cause what he say make us laugh~=D
after movie i when to Sg Wang buy my sis 21 years old Birthday present.
not only for her, i can't say now what it is later my sibling come read my blog then HABIS~
hahahaa..but it was nice^^

want to thanks Keith before i write today post~LOL
cause he fetch me back Genting Kelang^^
from Puchong to GK then to Tarc.
after Ms. Yarshi class when to SSH office to submit resit form.
but the lady told us, resit HE need to go Q block, which it is very far away from SSH block=="
so me and JasonLiew walk to Q block=="
after submit both forms, when home by bus
when i reach GK it was raining, have to walk under the rain lo.
now feel hungry~!!haven eat, i only have Lo Mai Kai as my breakfast till now [7pm].


-lu yi- said...

yor~ why go watch movie din call me 1??
3D some more.. u tempted me but din call me 1?

KaedE said...

eh?! u're sis bday also 22 nov ah?
same with my sis.. haha

Carolinelzt said...

lol~v duno u back to kl d ad mou ma..=="sry lo~~nxt mon lo..^^
xueyi::yala.^^21st yrs old tim....