Sunday, October 4, 2009


Mooncake Fest~

yesterday my house did not success in BBQ
cause mom lazy making everything=="
so normal dinner~but many dish =)

after Dinner, as every years we have do..
Notti Family gathering
but not all was there..Ling when to temple with her boyfriend and
LuYi, Bert and Herng parents don't let
but still many member are there, got::
me, WeiLi, Angie, Jing, Reno, Kelvin, Louis, Keith, SoongKit, Jacky, Mun and JianTung
we should have when to Genting =(

but Reno don't want, end up when to Jinjang eat dessert^^
at My Honeymoon Dessert, nice environment and many kind of dessert
it got a part was hanging with clothes, key chain and accessories it for sell
the girls do something usually they do lo~~TAKE PICTURE~ xP
then when back to order dessert eat eat eat~
then 1am++ Reno, Jing and Angie when home
the other when to Cheras look out point, but place park
full of people=="
so when to Kolam Air Panas, but is to dark nothing to do also
so go back to OUG Steven Corner~LOL

be it is so funny, long time did not go 'yao che ho'
got 6 car~!!

*Kelvin = Perodua Viva [modify]
*Mun = Proton Persona [modify]
*JianTung = Proton Gen2 [modify]
*Jacky = Honda City [modify]
*Reno = Perodua Myvi
*Keith = Perodua Kancil

picture will be post when i get it~~^^


-lu yi- said...

yer~ yao ceh hor.. so good..
too bad i cant join u all..
aiks aiks~

Carolinelzt said...

yala..~~rugi betul~~