Thursday, October 8, 2009



X1 W***x line is also damn slow!!
Puchong house was using X1 W***x line thought it will be fast
YA~fast on the 15 free try day only=="
after that, it just the same!!!
can't upload a picture when open a website need wait very long

maybe is my sis and bro play online game so it lag like hell
or cause my house area was not in the coverage area~
if both also not mean~I KENA TIPU~!!
my parent is blaming on me cause i work for X1 W***x before and intro them to use it=="
and now SLOW SLOW LAG LAG~~~~~


now I'm alone at Genting Kelang house..
all housemate haven came back from hometown
sis and her boyfriend when out for dinner~
so i curi-curi use her laptop to blog^^"

feel want to go yum cha x(
today when to school at 12pm to attend Photography lecture it finish in 30minute!!
so we got 3hours before Fundamentals and Web Page
we when to Old Town to have lunch, then to Wangsa Walk
but still got 1hour+ before lecture start so when to MU McDonald have some Sundae ice-cream~~~^^
everyone waited for 30minute in DK ABC end up no lecturer show up=="

so go home lo~~wasted my time and money to go here and there
and i just take a cheque of total RM703 from Tarc
it is sibling discount Rm700 to use!!


On the first day of sem2
i got a lecture start at 8am i when there on time
end up it was cancel~!!=="
so me and my friends have our breakfast and go to 1U for movie
it is Sorority was NICE~!!nicer than FD4
5/5 for this movie~~^^

this movie is bout a group of girl that play a prank on 1 of their sis boyfriend and end up it was......
go watch yourself la~!! =P


so boring~~
find someone to lim teh with me sin~!!