Thursday, October 1, 2009


The Promise

~the promise i have made~

is to answer your question
and wanted you to give me 1week time is here~
this Thursday will be the day to answer you ba~?
i won't write it out in my blog or yours..
i want to tell you thru phone,but i scare it will be a bad idea
anyway, i still want to~^^~

wonder what you doing right now??
think what i asked or you just ignore what i question?!
is okay if you ignore,cause you was so suffering at there
i don't want you to think other thing also

hmm~mooncake festival is coming..
there sure no mooncake eat d la and no does fest "qi fen" d la..
maybe you forgot that this Saturday is mooncake fest tim due to your busy study =)
wondering, should i send something to you!?
i worry will lost=="

and actually i do regret on your holidays
cause i did not appreciate when we have time to spend together~


i just finish read the Ayashi No Ceres^^
maybe i a bit outdated la..
cause it quite long since this manga have publish==
if any of comic lover that haven read it, go read it~!!
very nice~^^~
left few days before end of my 1st sem break~

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