Sunday, October 11, 2009


Should i !?

should i seek for a medical check??

my nose is more and more serious..
i was like having flu for 365 days!!=="
i can't even sleep..i already suffering insomnia problem,
so i always have to roll here and there on my bed for about 1-2hours
now my nose problem, made me can't even SLEEP~!!!
when i lay down i feel so difficult to breath.. i wake up every 2-3hours run to the toilet..

this whole day i am sneezing like hell !!
nose like going to burst..
i sneeze till feel like vomiting!!
my nose is so so so itchy~~~~HELP ME!!

my left eye is very pain..
the pain is like bruises pain, Ah Pa say my eye is swollen d..=="
but it look normal le..just pain..
sometime when i about to sleep it will start to headache a bit..

should i diet and more exercise??

i have gain weight~!!
everyone saw me and say I'm Fat!!
some day i look so meaty~!!=="
should cut down my snack section~!!
no McDonald~no fried thingy~no soft drink~
but i can't live without SNACK~!!!!!!!

can anyone teach me how to diet in a short time??LOL

should i sleep early and wake up early??

i have a pair of panda eyes~!!
cause late sleep..and insomnia..
should try to sleep early and cure my insomnia and
wake up earlier so i won't late to school and have a healthy body~LOL
it also will prevent PIMPLES and BLACK PORE~!!!

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