Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Zuu~uu~tick tock tick tock~


whole day did not attend any class
so night Ah Pa only fetch me back Genting kelang~^^
that day whole day didn't eat~!!GENG le..
dinner only eat not more than 1/4 of the noodle
whole day so tired no energy and want to vomit~!!
than bit of headache stomach like got zillion of needles..



morning got Digital Illustration pratical by Ms Tan Yarshi.
she look so 'Yeng' and got Anita Mui beauty, those elegant beauty!!
i most like admire that kind of beauty~!!LOL
Ms Yarshi is very friendly and funny lecturer^^*NICE
1st assignment have given=="
title is Soapa Soapa~~cute name le.
this what Ms Yarshi called it, so can you imagine how funny lecturer she can be?!..XD
then next class was English For Communication guess who was my lecturer~^^
i haven seen him more than 1year i think~hahaha
think yourself if you are same secondary school with me~xD
that day morning also no appetite=="
lunch at economy rice then, night eat maggi only~PITY me!!
today got 2 Practical class but, cause school did not told us properly.
so we decided to think positive, that today class have start~XD
so go MOVIE~~hahahaha
watch Surrogate..erm~ok lo..consider as nice^^
then have a tea at Station 1 before go home rest~~~
later 2nd round is Cola Club..^^
today also GENG~
i only eat lunch, my noodle only finish half bowl=="
morning till afternoon no appetite again~!!!
till now hungry jo~~PITY me~!!hahaha

tick tock tick tock~~~
waiting for the time to pass and waiting for my sis to come back with my dinner~~~!!
fast come back ar!!!


KaedE said...

our english lecturer is ur secondary skool de teacher ah?!! o___o?

-lu yi- said...

mr wong??
wat happen ar u? keep on no appetite recently..
dont eat so many snacks wor..

Carolinelzt said...


L.Yi::yaya..CLEVER!!shhh~~dun ltr tmn yarl knw..duno,myb din eat on time gua

~six~ said...

so good lorrrr~
can meet back secondary school teacher~~~~~
Then got extra mark or not?~XD
By the it Ms Lim?


Blong said...

lol~dream only got extra mark la..
not ms lim~
is mr wong~XD

Carolinelzt said...

aisk~forgot that my sis account~!!
tht blong was my comment==

~six~ said...

tak kenal~ XD
Good lor...better than our Miss Lim then ok ler....-.-|||


Carolinelzt said...

ms lim vry straight??mr wong also nt vry good also==