Sunday, November 8, 2009


Counted as BUsy~?

LOL~counted as BUSY la..
i can't update my blog like everyday=="
i can't remember what i did~!!

i have finish one of my assignment "Soapa Soapa"
and pass up everything^^ HAPPY!!
will post my soapa picture soon~

-Wednesday- & -Thursday afternoon-
then i when to KLCC with "THE GANG" to have our photograph section^^
and also Batu Cave the next day~
the following place i decide is GENTING HIGHLAND and Cheras Look Out Point~
but not sure "THE GANG" want or not!?
so already 2 days busy.
picture will update soon, after my Dutch Lady picture =D

after school 7PM our Clubbing Night^^
i planned to go with my U4 babe~Sharon and Trista
but Sharon mom scolded her~
we when to Poppy, and i meet a London handsome HUNK!!
Zakir~^^ and we made friend with him~
and the night is so FUNNY~!!
next Thursday BARCELONE~~~WHO ON!?

class till 6PM==" and checking my DSLR photo
and back to Puchong at 10pm.

-Saturday- [that is today]
when to Mid Valley with CheeSiang and DerYuan
and watch Poker King~not bad~^^ 3.5/4
and have my breakfast at 4pm++ at KimGary and saw that funny guy again~
then when to Tesco with my 2 little brother to buy my SNACK^^
lastly, when to Wah Keng Restaurant have our family dinner~YuMmy!!

lastly, i will go Sunway with my dearest cousin bro [Edmund]
to watch Phobia 2 or Don't know what Phoenix d~=D
**i stil have atleast 4 assignment haven finish and have to pass it up next week~!!!=X

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