Monday, November 2, 2009


Cry Hard~!!==


back to the past.
last friday,
we U4 have started our very very United FOUR
we normally won't speak to each other much except who we always hang out.
but that day was so much different, we chat in a group after Photography class, we joke and we plan [should skip class?]
then in English class while waiting for Mr Wong which late about 1hour [cause TAYAR BONCIT]
all of us like sakai, some chit chating, joke, some playing with their DSLR
and some online using their laptop!~!! we also gossip!!hahahah

Saturday and Sunday, i work at Cheras,Tesco Extra for Dutch Lady Milk RoadShow with Ling, Angie, LuYi^^
under Chimera Company. I betray Epromode~~LOL
it sound fun, but it does not~!!
we stand whole 2 days, legs so pain feel ling cramping!!
got home already very late, bath then straight away pengsan[sleep] d.
but our sales for Sunday is over 1000+++!!!YEAH~~~
so damn happy, so after work ZhiJun treat us supper at 2369 cafe^^
but i already not in mood for supper.

after work we go 2369 separately.
the guys they 3 got their own car, 3girls follow my car.
before we reach 2369 we saw a accident, that just happen.
when we saw the car the owner already out of the car.
but four of us was affair to get out of our car, cause scare that it is car robber=="
so we immediately call Ah Chan friends to come to have a look it is okay.
cause the car look so terrible, is a Myvi.
the Myvi have oil / petrol leaking out, and gas / water vapor coming out from the head==
it very terrified me~!! till now i still remember everything.


-lu yi- said...

is tyre punctured.. not tayar BONCIT~

Carolinelzt said...

i want malay style la..luji~