Friday, November 20, 2009


Don't Know Why~?

lately my hair start fall alot~
when wash my hair atleast fall 10-20++ lo~comb hair 10-20++ again~
blow hair also will~=="
soon become botak Line~

this morning don't know why i feel so moodless~
not like the normal me.
i was like, stun or blurring only.
feel so boring and feel don't want to go back home.

now i realize i have nothing left.
I'm lost..always something that i want always taken or stolen by someone else
feel so damn empty. wish to have a big rest~

many many assignment and exercises!!
and haven started, wanted to do typo but i forgot take back my sketch book from Fei car=="
photography i have to find model for my assignment~!!who can help!?
who can accompany me go eat~cause i have to take picture of food and beverage also~
the tag i think have to find my mom to help d~if not i have to find tailor~!!
English next week will be a summary exam.
tamadun lucky what we rush did not wasted, and accepted by Mr PP~^^
next week have HTML: midterm~so worry, i can't remember anything about CSS~!!
i have to think idea to make my shoe design more colorful, as what i know is that Mr Clifford should like colorful graffiti or cute colorful art~==" *NA YENG~!!

sometime really hate 'the' lO~!!!don't how to say ar~!!
just HATE~!!!say more my mood more worse~

really wanted to finish everything in this week~haix
i want to DIET~!!
i want to sleep EARLY~!!
i want my hair grow FASTER~!!
i want my face become like TAUFU~!! xD
i want my assignment/exercises to DONE very very fast~!!

just now view Ginny blog, and saw what she posted bout her 18th birthday~^^
Kevin have given her a big and sweet birthday surprise of her life~
u can see her happiness thru her blog~
some help from ~ME~ Kevin successfully surprise his GIRL~
and they look sweet, less argument from them.
compromise each other. wish they happy always la~^^
don't know when it will be my turn to receive the 1st Roses~
and a full day birthday surprise~*
this the post~~~~ [ Ginny ]

now is 9.50pm~still got 2hours 10minute is Shaun sweet 18th Birthday~ Wish him more and more lengzai la~ and got money la..don't always say no money~also wish him grow some meat la~XD


EugeneKok said...

When wan makan? while makan..then accompany u take pictures ok

Carolinelzt said...

i don't know wo..maybe go find a nice cafe or restaurant eat lo~~
then can eat and take picture lo~~~^^

EugeneKok said...

Yap...must be that kind place to get a nice pic. Juz to let u knw. Well if u wanna yamcha tonite. im free..LOL.

Carolinelzt said...

loL~dont DSLR vry difficult to use..
i stil cnt manage to use it properly~=="

add my msn~v cn chat at thr~^^