Friday, November 27, 2009



this PD trip is so damn fun lo~~
after Fei and Shaun upload the photo they take from PD
i have see it over and over again~
but still won't bored looking at it..
u can see that we play till damn song~~^^
really the 1st time i trip with friends till so fun lo~!!
even trip with Notti Family also did not have this kind of fun
and funny scene~
even i look at the photo i can laugh for very long
and my sis say I'm crazy keep on look at the computer and laugh like insane person~XD
wish we can plan another trip to other beach again~
like REDANG~!!^^
but before that have to plan for December trip with Notti Family.
no Redang jo~ they want PD again=="
want meh~!?
other place please~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
tanjung sepat la..or Bangka Lalang lo~??
or Bukit Tinggi~ Pulau Tioman??
don't Pangkor can d~=="

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