Saturday, November 14, 2009



I'm alone at Setapak
want go out eat but rain~!!so eat Maggi and drink oat~

i regret to stay here, cause i forgot about this morning my secondary school Alumni gathering~isk~!!
and tonight MOS with Notti Family..
and tomorrow gathering with AdAsia gang~!!

Alumni can't say anything d..pass jo~! T.T
but as i know it was a boring gathering~~XD

tonight MOS still waiting for Keith answer.

tomorrow have to go out early lo~
take LRT to somewhere i can get KTM d lo..=="
hope i won't lost la..

today i will not do anything bout college.
cause wanted to get a very very good rest and relaxing weekend.
just for 1 day is enough^^"
will do if i boring~~XD
cause really many homework have to submit at week 7~
this is college life, i have choose to study this can't say anything
just can continue running on it~~
even it quite suffering but i still enjoying the progress~~^^


tomorrow is Jason Liew 18th birthday lo~XD
wish him more and more HANDSOME la~~^^
the dom dom we gave you Please don't simple use ar~!!ahahahaha

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