Tuesday, November 10, 2009



WAO~~~so many movie is on screen!!
no time for me to watch ar~got time also no money=="
who willing to watch with me~~
messages me thru Facebook and sms lo~~^^
i have watched many movie currently~
but there are many more i want to watch~

Phobia 2 (Thai)
i desperate to watch this~~^^
wanted to find someone accompany me go watch.


this movie show years 2012 our earth will destroy by the natural disaster~will be watching this with my AdAsia friend~^^

A Christmas Carol

wanted to watch this~i waiting for it, cause got my name on it. and i LOVE Jim Carrey movie~

The Fourth Kind

it look horrible and mystery, so it quite attract me. Wish it will not let me down^^

Twilight New Moon

i was waiting for this SO SO LONG~!!and finally it is coming soon^^don't miss it~!!

Storm Warriors II
this is a warrior comic and made into a movie,
i want to watch it. i watched the 1st when i was a kids^^
many people was waiting for it. Hope i got time for it when it is on screen~
another animation, a Disney cartoon into a movie~nothing i can say.
most of the people know Mulan story^^
a girl who take her dad place go to the war. I'm looking forward for this

there more new movie in GSC~!! from this month to next year April, every month also have at least 1 movie i wanted to watch!!!==" i will sure bankrupt


-JF- said...

Caro, Phobia nice! XD

Carolinelzt said...

JF~u dont tel me u watch d ar!!!!!

-JF- said...

yeah....I watched jor...XD

Carolinelzt said...

yorrr~~JF I HATE U LO!!!!

-lu yi- said...

yeah, phobia 2 nice..
want to watch A Christmas Carol.. 3D version.. kaka~

Carolinelzt said...

ARG~~~stop saying jo..
no time watch ar!!!!