Friday, November 13, 2009



My work^^



haix~finally finish Tamadun Exam and English Presentation.
this whole week not enough sleep=="
panda eyes appear d~!!
i think i only sleep 24hours for this whole week~~

still can't relax. still got Typo, Photography, Tamadun assignment, shoe design and t-shirt tag design=="
what a busy life~!!!

today me, Tris, RenRen, Meng and Fei when for Pan mee at Wangsa^^

after breakfast we when to a shop to buy Jason Liew and Shaun birthday present~XD
very very unique present~
7peoples share for that [me, Tris, Ren, Meng, Fei, Jeff and Jason Lim]
when they saw it they very happy, when they hold it they say OMG~!!

***u 2 must hang it at your hand phone. we so good purposely go there buy for both of you~~XD