Monday, November 9, 2009



fresh picture is out~~~^^
actually got old pictures also~=D

3 November 09 -Tuesday-
Ms.Yarshi class~while our classmate nervous waiting for presentation~
LOL~we [Tris,RenRen and me] playing with Lab MAC web cam~XD

LOVE this~my hand and RenRen head~^^
look so angelicious~!!


Dutch Lady IN The HOUSE~~
working day~tiring~~but having fun..^^
Like this~Nice!?

7 November 09 -Saturday-
dinner with my family except Catherine[attend Jenny 21st birthday party]
long time did not eat outside with my family~without my grandparent~LOL

LOVE this~[long long time did not take picture with siblings]
8 November 09 -Sunday-
have a date with my cousin[Edmund]
watch Raging Phoenix^^ rate :: 3/5

forgot when~ but as i know is September~LOL
did i post this picture before?!

this the END~~
next time i post my Soapa Soap and photo i shoot from KLCC and Batu Cave la~^^


-lu yi- said...

haha~ ur photo gallery..

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