Sunday, November 15, 2009


Rain AGAIN~hAix

this 3 days Genting Kelang has been raining for the whole say~!!

Friday night when to Station 1 to have our group discussion for Yarshi tag.
it was raining~and after that day,
i understand that a cafe with people singing live is not a good place to discuss assignment~!!!==
cause they sing damn LOUD~!!and we have to shout to each other to discuss.

yesterday, i was doing nothing at home and rest + relaxing
then, Junor suddenly become so good~
*that really creepy me out*
he ask me to dinner~o.0" but i reject cause just after a heavy rain the wet floor make me want to stay at home =)
is was lucky i did not when out with him, cause after few minute he when out the heavy rain came back~ *very GOOD PITY him la..
after he when back he told me if later i feel want to go have dinner call him~

but i did not, and i continue sketch out the Yarshi Tag^^
while watching the Korean show Star King, it is a
NICE show
but too bad i don't understand what their talking=="
at 4am+ almost 5am Keith, Reno and other finish Maison[club]
they came GK and find me for breakfast~=D
till 5..30++am when home and sleep~
phew* how early i sleep!! xD

just now 2pm+ wanted to go downstairs to have my breakfast but heavy rain AGAIN~!!
nothing to eat, i don't want Maggi again. so make a cup of oat and eat muruku as appetizer=="
but don't know why both thing like not the actual taste. like taste so weird~!!

and i supposed to accompany one of my friend to buy his girlfriend present but the rain stop me~hahahahaand by this time i should be at Mid valley cause of
Jojo Chang gave me an "aeroplane"
so did not go~

lately i was so into Korean and japan k-pop!! duh~~
Caroline le..crazy of k-pop~!!impossible~~

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