Monday, November 30, 2009



29 November 09
shopping with my parent and 2 brothers^^
but did not buy thing i want, cause my parent like very rush~!!
mom want to buy clothes, but most of it did not fit her right.
and i receive my bag from Q fashion^^
thanks to the dealer to come here~ma fan her tim~=D
while waiting for mom~she trying clothes~=="
another clothes again, i think mom getting more and more and more fat~!!my dad feed him till become pig d..not a single clothes fit her easily~=D

Nixon bought this~i choose for him, nice??

this i choose for Nelson~^^ nice!?
i bought 2 singlet again~^^" but pay myself
say diet but my mouth just can stop it~!! X[

the broom bite me~!! hurt my finger, a small piece of meat peel out!!
so weird sweep floor also can hurt myself~=="
picture not clear can't see~

30 November 09

this afternoon, lunch at 4Season, Wangsa
I'm damn short, this is the view i say when i sit on the sofa seat and look to the front~~
legs legs legs~=="
our three musketeers opss~is alien~=]
see some of my singlet~=)
i LOVE singlet~i also have purple, black, light blue,pink,red poke dot and beige

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