Monday, November 30, 2009


This is LIFE~R.I.P~ T.T

yesterday, 29 November 2009 [8pm-8.30pm]

my great grandma have pass away.
and this is end of her life, she already 90-100years old.
i also not very sure, maybe my dad also can't sure her age.

we as her great grand childes really not very close with her.
did not chat with her, but we did some visit sometime.
sometime is really very very feel pity to her.
she have may daughter and son,but all just like SHIT~!!!
when discuss to let her leave at 1 of my uncle house and settle the money for her daily meal clothe and maid salary, everyone agree.
but after few month most of them start feel annoy of the expensive fee for her medical and everything.
they start to argue bout this when every time they meet or even call~!!
**so this call daughter and son**

and they suggested to throw her in old folk house.
it was lucky that my great grandma have Alzheimer disease.
forget everything and only remember the past when her children was still kids
if not she will be suffering from what her childes have done to her.

send her into old folk house did not solve those granduncles and grandaunts argument~!!
they still argue bout the fee every month=="
almost everything was done by my dad.
sometime when to old folk house visit her, listen what she say was very sad and very pity her.
she LOVE to talk with my mom.^^
she always say her elder son walk to school very suffer, have to climb thru a mountain and walk across a jungle.

**this is a lucky of a great mom. when she become old every children abandon her**

~Rest In Peace~

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