Tuesday, November 24, 2009



back to update my Bloggy~^^
feel so tired exhausted cause of my mountain high assignment~
but at least, we
[MO-D5]have done our taggy
and presented this afternoon and submitted~^^
we got good feedback from
Miss Yarshi [our pretty and adorable lecturer].
then when to Wangsa Walk have our ""breakfast"" at
Popeyes ==!!always fast food~
i will vomit those Friends thingy 1 day~!!

then, when home. damn tired i fall asleep in
Shaun car till we reach GK^^"
thought reach home can have a nap~
bout the computer attracted me to sit in front him~!!
and start
MSN-ing and Facebook-ing~then now Blog-ing=="
after this post
CONFIRM have a short nap~then, continue my Typo and Webpage =)

night when to Poppy with my dearest friends^^
Reno,Louis,P.Zheng,Angie,Carina and K.Wai~for K.Wai early birthday celebration
not as fun as i think~cause don't want to say~!! X(

Sunday (22.11.09)
My sis [Catherine] 21st Birthday~^^
having party at my house, family and friends all gather at my house~
so busy walking in and out~*phew
me and Christina look like KULI working whole day.
and did not eat anything, keep on fill in the food and drink~
never mind~21st is once in a life time~
it was a tired day of my life~!!
i lay on my bed and sleep straight away~till the next day afternoon.
***wish her a HAppY 21st BirtHDay~and pretty always^^***

i gave her a hand phone strap with her name on with a cat at d end^^
not only her.
all my sibling have 1 from me^^
Chris is a crown cause she the eldest
Nelson is a playboy logo cause he have many girlfriends
Nixon is an aeroplane cause he is the youngest
and my is red color Love shape

me and Catherine skipped the 1st lecture
back to Setapak at 2pm.
go meet
Fei and when to Shaun house to rush our taggy=="
whole day only do a taggy that which my mom done it just in
5minute!!! =[
when back to Puchong then back to GK my petrol empty
kering kering~~
Jeff:: we as a multimedia designer have become tailor, technician and fashion designer in a day~SWT
when done everything is already 2am~

Fei/Jason:: i suddenly feel hungry~~~aisk
caro:: let go Steven Corner LimTeh lO~xD

so Steven we go~^^
and i saw Fishball[Feng] there~!! =X

Tuesday (24.11.09)
we continue finally touch up for the Taggy, Proposal and photo shoot~
at Fei house and reach school.
and we found out that out mood broad are damn big different than other~LOL
never mind~the presentation have pass.
can rest awhile d~^^

latest photo will be upload if i free or bored~~^^
stay tune~xD

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