Friday, November 27, 2009


Tired Journey~

should start from where?
start from Thursday~
as usual go school 10am, but class cancel cause lecturer emergency~
then we decide to skip those boring lecture = Photography + Webpage
and go for movie = Twilight, New Moon. **3.5/5
before movie start the girl when for shopping and i bought 2 singlet from FOS^^
then the guys walk around taking photo~

then Tris meet an admirer, serious crazy admirer~~=="
sorry to say so, but he make me and Sharon wanted to VOMIT~!! x[
he gave Tris a red snow man then,
a Shin Chan which i wanted desperately and Tris throw it to me by FORCE~!!=="
then another red snowman which Sharon want it but is baby blue~
i gave my Shin Chan to a cute little boy~^^ [which money cheaped by the arcade==]
cause i scare i look at the Shin Chan it remind me him~~~~

then, back to school to attend English, summary test.
back home, bath then rest and nap before journey start~^^

wake at 3.30am to prepare and wait for Fei~
Fei is the MAN~!!
he wake early when to fetch Sharon, Hazel, and Jeff to The Garden to wait for Tris
they will be sitting Tris car, then he when back to GK to fetch me, Jason and Shaun
and meet Tris at Kuchai Lama.
and we start journey about 4.30am
Fei car = Jeff, Shaun, Jason and me~
Tris = Meng, Sharon and Hazel~
then we meet Kevin and Ginny [his parent fetch] at Port Dickson.
as what we plan is, reach there 6am so we can set tripod and snap snap snap SUNRISE
but what we get is a wrong place which u can't even see the sun=="
mean we are at the place to see sunset~!!**doiNk~~~
but is okay, cause at least we still saw the early sun
very very bright and huge~~!!!! and have a nice view at the Sunshine Bay resort beach
and have great snapping at there, thanks to Kevin parent^^
then next stop is a boat yard resort~!!DAMN NICE view~~~~~~
but the guard say he not suppose to let us take photo but he tutup mata wo~~XD
last stop is Indrama Resort~? i think..
it have a very unique Malay traditional interior design~^^
and also a mountain to climb up, the top should be the light tower gua~maybe?
but we did not climb, it take 20minute to reach the top and it is the mosquito ''territory'' =X
then everyone is hungry, when to somewhere, which i don't know where it is to have our breakfast~
we have 13 peoples so 3tables combine
1st table is Sharon, Ginny, Kevin and Parent
2nd Meng, Jeff, Hazel and Tris
3rd Fei, Jason, Shaun and me
we were still playing and jokes around even eating=="
Shaun and Jason has transform into alien~xD
start talking alien language again. then 1st noodle serve, 3rd tables "alien" look like hungry ghost,finish it in not more than 10minute. and then follow up the 2nd n 3rd noodle serve also~
after 30minute-1hour our table just left half plate of noodle
Kevin table let 2 half plate = 1plate
Tris table left 1 and half plate~o.0
**Jason start crazy and say:: yeah~we won and many many more
**Jeff:: we can't lose
**Meng:: [at the end] i surrender~xD
then, Kevin parent impatient waited us too long and take a leave first and pay our breakfast~
once again, Thanks Mr and Mrs Lim~~~~~~^^
after breakfast, we still have 6-7hours before we can see the sunset=="
nothing can do, the sun was so "barbecue".
so we decide to go The Store then PD walk==" [remind me Wangsa Walk]
all insane while walking in the mall, bored and tired to die~!!
especially Tris and Fei~
finish walk~no where to go.
so find a nice beach and park the car under a tree^^ rest awhile
some when for candid shoot~some sleeping in the car.
this never stay long, cause it bored very very FAST~
don't know how, someone say let go play in the water
then got people when to buy pant then straight away jump into the water and play~^^
even the sun was hot like hell, we still play and enjoying our trip^^
too bad Hazel sick, can't join us in the water~next time still got chance~
almost 3pm hungry again, so go bath in a public toilet which charge 50cent [all bathroom door can't lock=="]
then find KFC using Fei GPS~=D
finish our lunch and head home~~TT
and we did not wait till sunset, cause some need back hometown some have dinner=="
never mind la~next time luuuu~~^^
everyone feel so tired and sleepy after play whole day and not enough sleep~=.="
this trip should be our photography assignment trip~but turn out is out holiday trip~^^"~
got picture taken from my handphone, but upload next time lo~~tired+lazy
and the DSLR photo~more lazy~~!!damn big and wait very long=="

friends that did not go MEMANG RUGI~=)
gek sei lei dei~~~kakakakakkakakakakakak *evil laugh*


-JF- said...

Your summary test sure fail one...join 3 tables and who sit at the 1st, 2nd ,3rd oso need2 say..=.=

Carolinelzt said...

LOL~i did not say i writing summary also~~xD
i writing detail journal trip story~xD!!!