Wednesday, November 18, 2009



i finally watched 2012 on this Monday with Mo-D5 gang and Seff+Reno~
NICE movie~~if you miss it u RUGI la~!!
got few part quite touching~my tear also can't tahan~T.T
5/5~***** did not disappointed me~~xD


grouping assignment always build trouble~!!
happen argument~!!rubbish talk everyday~gossip anywhere
betray he and i~!she and you~! i hate cause you dump me
i don't care why i dumped you~! Isk~iSk~
**SERIOUSLY annoying lo, all this problem make people frustrated~

our assignment already capai puncak gunung d, still got time argue~~=D



everyone is selfish.
but why you can be so damn selfish~!!!
no brain, you want it other people also need it~
please think of other also, your attitude only will make people dislike you~
friends will leave you alone AGAIN~

respect other people~
something can be play, some seriously NO~!!!!
i don't know you pretend don't know or really don't know..
if you over limit, bye bye friends~


i been busy for 1week++
last week everyday sleep late, cause rush assignment~!!
thought can rest, but still the same~!!!
have to rush ::
AA-Tamadun tomorrow submission~
TTG-2 exercises Friday submission~
Yarshi-Tag next week~
Clifford-Webpage outline next week~
Ng-Typo assignment3 next week show sketches~


yesterday night, do my Typo and Shoe sketching till this morning 8am
then prepare to school till just now 5pm+ i dit not sleep~!!
i fall a sleep in th bus while going back from Low Yat~
so UGLY-LY lo~~~~~~~

i damn tired now.
brain empty, but have to do Tamadun!!!
what should i do~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!


dxlim said...

huh....touching such as wat?
she sacrifice herself to save her dog???

Carolinelzt said...

many part lo~i 4got jo lo..^^"
so how u n your fiancee ar~look damn sweet lo wht u have done for her~!!!

dxlim said...

i still rmb dare u say touch???too much stupid scene jo...i watch till almost vomit...but other den tat is excited la...^^

hmmmm...i guess yor chinese got improvement???
starting sure sweet starts the stage to understand each other more...tats wer problem starts oso...
its simply either u could pass through it...or fail...

Carolinelzt said...

shit~~different person different opinion duh~~=="

my chinese boleh tahan atleast made my classmate terkejut~LOL

hmm~~+U in ur new love relation ba^^ if sad come have a chat with me lo..i m a good listener~LOL
if u dont mind la..^^

dxlim said...

sure is my opinion beter la...i m smarter ma...hahaha!!!

hmmm....thx lo....i noe ge la...^^

Carolinelzt said...

ur head la~~watch movie and smarter are not linked KAY~!!>_<

wht u know~xD