Monday, December 21, 2009



I'm back

recently everyday blow wind only~~
very very big wind~look like showing bad thing happening=="

but still got many assignment to rush.
now i just resting awhile and eat my dinner [MAGGI].
finish have to continue my work again~haix!!
pity me~****

last thursday when to Maison with many people,
can't say everyone la..=="
got Reno and Kelvin gang. other table is Fishball Feng and Xiao Lang.
it was fun!! and Maison interior is way nicer and cool than Barcelona and Poppy~!!**thumb up!
music also nice, it was lucky that, last thursday they invite a pretty DJ to remix nice RnB music and a beatbox lady~she is damn COOL!!

Friday was holiday for most of the people.
so thursday night Maison was full of people~phew*
can't even move or walk thru the dance floor=="
seriously like go to sauna after i go in to the dance floor~!![HOT+SWEAT]

that night i fall asleep at their house=="
so damn paiseh~~i sleep jo their bed~^^"~
make them no place to sleep

then Friday when out to do Yarshi group assignment.
seriously, Fei= my dad Jf= my mom Shaun= my sis Jason= my bro.
know why?
because from Friday till today, i saw them more than my family~=="
T-shirt design have make use 5people to meet each other so frequently.
just like a family~
people Friday holiday go home~we do assignment=="

and i want to say sorry to "SOMEONE" is my wrong to voice out so loud~

tomorrow will be TTG presentation~~GG-ing.
Yarshi presentation~ Titanic MO-D5
and Webpage+Shoe on Thursday~ ==" speechless!!

the shirt last minute dirty jo~the stupid jean cloth 'lap' color!!! dye dou the white shirt jo!! i wan cry jo la~!!!

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