Thursday, December 10, 2009



hmm~what to say?
don't know~i just feel like posting something,but don't know post what~!! 8X
i think write recently la..xD

below is a picture of Meebo list.
my MSN rosak~so ter-force to use SUCK Meebo to on MSN~=="
enlarge the picture to see la~ =)

yesterday was my class Typo presentation.
everyone well prepare everything waited for turn to present.
end up, that BABI NG say is time to go, the other half people who haven present, next week!!!
WHAT THE~~~~!!!
i did not sleep to rush the thing and you told me next week~!!
if not because of him, keep on chatting with every presenter i think whole class should can finish present yesterday~~heng*

then, Webpage class.
yesterday, i saw my classmate Shoe Webpage design i feel so sad lo~!!
cause all using CSS only n 2-3people use HTML.
and my webpage look so SUCK~!! T_T
everyone so hard working to do the best in their Webpage.
when i look at myself i feel so SHIT!!
but seriously i don't understand a single thing about CSS~!!
it was so hard the coding and everything, but it was easier to create a nice webpage=="

yesterday, i was revision for today TAMADUN test till about 4am.
and someone wake up to do his revision and told me::
"wa~no sleep again. later become Hazel"
cause Hazel faint on Tuesday after her English class cause not enough of sleep=="
what he say really scare me~!!
cause i did not sleep on Tuesday night cause of Typo and Webpage!!
so i when to bed at 4am++.

today, i was late for the Tamadun test about 30minute~!!embarrassing!!
although i normally late to class la^^".
this is cause i sleep late!!
my alarm clock[my sis] when to schoold jo~ T_T

after Tamadun next destination is 1 Utama for Storm Rider II[we have plan to watch since November]
on the beginning it was only 5-9peoples,
at the final request it become 15PEOPLES~!!*CHUN!!!
the movie was 2hours and 30minutes, all expect it to be very nice.
but it was not that good==" many fake graphic~
3/5 for Storm Rider II
after movie, time to eat^^
discussing where to eat what to eat it make me DAMN no mood!~!!
it was fun to go out with a bunch of friends, but it also a trouble cause everyone have opinion to go where and what to eat.
when decide to eat this, sure got 2 or 3 reject~!!

me and Fei search so many place for shoe but all was too too expensive and not the kind we want=="
then back to college for English.

after English, when to night market~^^Yeapii
long time did not go night market.
our purpose was search for cheap canvas, but it look like we begin to search for dinner^^"
i bought salty steam chicken and Korean rice cake~YumMy
i thought Catherine will be at home so i can share with her.
but she when for midnight movie with Tommy!!T_T
so i have to eat all by myself~*lonely*
Korean rice cake= 1st bite Delicious 4th bite YumMy 9th bite no feeling d 15th bite OMG, WHO CAN HELP ME FINISH THIS STUFF!! *enjoyingsuffering* x.x"

have to done many assignment in this few week.
it already week 11!! time passed so damn fast~
it going to Christmas and New Year coming=="

assignment in progress::

*Yarshi T-shirt = 0.00%
*Photography = 35% [have to retake=="]
*Typo = 99.5% [waiting for presentation]
*Webpage = 33.5% [don't understand CSS~T_T]
*Webpage[Shoe] = 0.00% [still searching for cheap shoe]

so if any Genting kelang, Wangsa Maju or Tarcian friends PLEASE let me know if your saw anywhere have cheap canvas shoe selling in these area~!!^^"
i will appreciate your kindness~

below is the sample of canvas shoe i searching~

this sem we did not have time for badminton, due to assignment mountain-ing!!
so i have decide to walk stair from G floor to 8th floor everyday after school~^^~

and my hands and legs have some red spot and it is itchy!!
it look like bite from something=="
but not sure is what~

i have not enough sleep recently cause rushing assignment every minute and hour~
everyday sleep late and late to school or skipped lecture.
when late, forgot to bring water to school!!

just now suddenly my chest feel PAIN again.
if quite long did not feel that pain d.
maybe not enough sleep and over tired over use my battery.

and often headache + dizzy.
everyday feel sleepy.
my panda eyes very very dark.
meal time very messy, harm my stomach. sometime diarrhea, sometime
"jing fong"
suffer le~!!
my hair fall many it look so not normal!!
when i comb my hair it will fall at least 5strings.
and i think i ate to many snack and Eclipse~!!
and my nose feel terrible at night and early morning~T_T

i did not go back Puchong about 2 or 3weeks d.
this week should go back?
miss my family, my parent cook!!
but i still have many assignment in rush=="

my resit exam payment bill is OUT~!!
i can see RM80 flying away from my saving account!!

this month many people BIRTHDAY~fuu!!
that is::

Fishball Feng = 3rd Dec 09
38 EVonVon = 5th Dec 09
Kelvin Kor = 7th Dec 09
Kok Leong = 10th Dec 09
Kai Zai = 12th Dec 09
Joker Kevin
Soong Kit
Pretty Yuki = 13th Dec 09
Zing = 15th Dec 09
Johnathan Wong = 17th DEc 09
Gila Jane = 18th Dec 09
Noisy Seff = 20th Dec 09
Sok Kuan = 22nd Dec 09
Shuai Chung = 23rd Dec 09
Lao Yang = 24th Dec 09
Mey Yie = 25th Dec 09 [Christmas gal]
PressPig Angie = 26th Dec 09
ZaiZai JianWei = 27th Dec 09

see what i mean by MANY~!! this is the summary list d.


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