Wednesday, December 16, 2009



5 days did not post anything thing, due to my busy schedule=="
don't know where to start.
forgot most of the thing.
past few day just normal and very normal~=D

yesterday, a night trip with U4+Hazel^^
when there for photo shoot for assignment2, but i think it was a WRONG option.
because night shoot is DAMN hard to shoot.
almost every picture was blur.
we when there at 11pm, finish by 3.30am when to BRJ for a "Supfast" and reach home at 5am~*phew*

i still can't manage to control my DSLR=="
I'm so jealous my course mate who using D3000 Nikon or 1000D Canon, it was so so easier then mine D70.
i can't set the timer, don't know why.
my white balance is so weird, the ISO,F-number & Shutter speed is different then the other DSLR.
i still can't shoot any nice landscape. [I'M SUCK]

this morning woke up at 8am, because my parent n Nixon came to find me and Catherine fro breakfast=="
so i slept for 3hours ONLY!! my eye is damn pain.
then when to Typo and AT LAST i done my Typo Presentation~ *phew*
after my presentation, that pet pet NG sick came again.
start to "tou fong" then he run away 1hour early and told the other which did not done their presentation
you guys not serious at all, no need to present just submit if you don't want to then don't submit.
speechless for this kind of LECTURER.!!

then we when to 1Utama for movie^^
actually planned to watch The Princess and The Frog[Disney Animation]
but full==" can you BELIEVE~when i saw the seat i was shock = the movie is GOOD*
no seat, so change to JUMP[跳出去] and it was NICE^^ should watch.
feel sorry to Chipmunk, cause forgot to call him.=="

then when back for English class.
after Eng MO-D5 straight away have our dinner together and when to Shaun house for Yarshi discussion^^
after 30minute i fall asleep^^"
paiseh~~too TIRED d la.

thought after bath i can rest, but mana tau something happen in our condo Sri Pelangi block 128.
there are 3 Bangladesh's climb in to a unit at floor 11 thru the balcony using rope or wires.
and have rob the empty unit, and found by the neighbour, so they run away.
but they can't run far, cause many people was waiting for them.
cause this it make whole block128 so chaotic and every resident so excited+worry.
one of them is my Sis[Catherine].
she close all window and door, i almost die of suffocate.
at the end 2 was caught and beat till look like disabled to move.
the other have ran away. they were found at 11th floor but they Lock their door
so the guard have to violate the door to catch them.

heard from Junor::
the thief actually climb to 11th floor one of the Junor friends balcony.
unfortunately they been see and the resident shout then they climb to 10th floor.

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