Monday, December 28, 2009


Don't Know

recently mood not that good.
lazy to update my blog.
facebook look so dull and nothing to do.
my photography assignment and exercise is time to submit, but my thing just only 35%.
my Typography got a C+, never expect he will give me a higher mark.


stay at home whole day.
midnight call Vincent accompany me go for movie-Avatar-


when to LowYat with my parent and Nixon to take my Laptop.
i bought a new laptop, Acer 4736G dark blue*quite ugly color.
then when to Kenny Roger to have our lunch.
and shopping at Sg Wang.
bought a something like jumpsuit.
my mom did not buy anything, cause she never waste money in clothes.
she don't like to waste money, she wanted to buy clothes for Nelson but as we know guys clothes is more more expensive than the girl clothes.
sometime i really think i should earn my own money then give her some money and let her have a trip with my dad.

at night when to Angie house, cause is her Birthday
then, to Papa Rich have some tea.
that day also Vincent birthday^^


my GuaiZai WeiWei birthday^^
did not celebrate with him, cause he too busy with his friends.
did not go out. stay at home trying my new Laptop.
plan to go movie but everyone busy.


pack thing ready to come back to Genting Kelang.
but before that, when to Puteri Giant to take my Clothes from MayBoutique.
but it all the different look from what i see.
don't care i can sell it.*ANYONE WANT SILK TOP*
it was damn jam at Puteri this afternoon, and i late 15minute.
then, rush to 1Utama to watch Avatar 3D
i late 30minute, cause traffic jam at Damansara all the way to 1Utama.
then can't find any parking.
ter-force to park at a non-parking area=="

while movie-ing, damn worry bout my car being clamp and also worry bout 2Laptop and a DSLR in my car!!!
but lucky still there~^^~

i just realize that i have been far away from Notti Family.
many thing bout them i don't know, they recent activities i did not join.
and i think they will slowly forget bout this "CarrotZhu"

quite long did not contact my club and workmate.
if not Vincent told me, i also don't know that i already half year did not find them~

Collegemate, our connection just not that strong.
don't know you guys can feel it or not la.

and someone i thought we got an end.
but it wasn't.
because it never started before, so where come the end.
Funny ho~!! X(


-lu yi- said...

adui~ dont like that la.. u busy mah.. we din forget u..
we were sayin that if caroline is da car with us all along da trip then da car will be super duper bising..
ppl here remember u la.. care le linn~~

Carolinelzt said...