Friday, December 25, 2009



MERRY CHRISTMAS~ my friends and blogger in the world ~

i have finally finish the 2 most frustrating assignment
= Yarshi.T-shirt design + Clifford.Shoe design.
although done both of this, still have the last assignment =Photography =(

it was hard day for us to done this 2 hard assignment.
and today is Christmas Eve^^
the day we waited for so long, what we plan was steamboat at my house then find something to do.
but end up, when to 1Utama for movie - The Treasure Hunter -
this movie only 3 alphabet to describe WTH=="
not very nice, rated as 2/5 not worth to watch in cinema.
but if you are 1 of Jay Chow and Lin Zhi Ling fan then it worth lo.
and i fall a sleep about 10-15minute, it was my 2nd time to slept while watching movie in cinema.

after movie when to steamboat at GK Talipon.
plan changed, cause my house no table no chair no chopstick and no bowl~~^^"
after steamboat only when to my house to play + chit chat~
so this is how i pass my Christmas Eve with U4-er.
simple but fun~^^
this years is the first year i did not celebrate Eve with my Notti Family and also celebrated so simple and not a single feel of Christmas~
but i still enjoy it.

hope after final everyone available to go trip together lO~

this few week is a hard and tired week.
everyday rush this and that, not enough sleep even did not sleep just to rush assignment=="
my panda eyes become darker and darker
my pimples more and more~
haix~~how ar!!
and i got a Christmas present from LEE WEE HAN~!!
it is a few burn mark cause of hot OIL while steamboat-ing~=="

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