Thursday, December 3, 2009


Model Shoot

1st December 09 -Tuesday-
when to Ikea to have out indoor model photo shoot~
Ikea don't allow people to take photo of their furniture.
so we just ca curi-curi take lo^^"
most of the photo look blur, cause indoor new low shutter speed must use tripod~=="
but still got some picture i like lo.
we play and take photo and play AGAIN~^^
then, after Ikea we when to Sunway.
Sunway was decorated very nice~!!!
Christmas feel is everywhere, it was so warm and harmony.
and we have our group photo at there~^^
that day Tris involve in a accident.
when she turn to a junction BAnG she bang into a motorcycle.
lucky the guy jump out of his motorcycle, Tris say she can't see the motorcycle cause his did not on his light=="
it was 8pm night and the drive did not on the light so who wrong it is~!?
i advice her to make a report at police station, but as what we know is
normally police won't really help us, they only help M people.
so no use for her make report also.
the drive still trying to scam her for Rm300 for his rubbish motorcycle damage~!!
but lucky Tris friend is there,he bring the motorcycle to check the damage and it only cost RM144.
then, the M people making noisy say wanted to have a body check at clinic!!
this what i call M people, some only not all of them.
just trying to scam other money, got legs got hands go find your our MONEY!!!

2nd December 09 -Wednesday-

got Webpage exam yesterday.
everyone is waiting for me=="
so paiseh tim~~!!!
cause can't make the word to jump down~
so ter-force to use many "break" code lo~
my friends say can't make it down, make it down by force pulak~=D

after Webpage, straight away go OUG meet kelvin and Luyi
and when to Bukit Jahil Lake Garden, for out outdoor photo shoot^^
erm~~better then indoor.
but to bad that was no strong n nice sunlight because just after rain~TT
it was hot and everyone was sweating~LOL

the sky turn dark, so is time to go back.
when to Feeing Cafe to have our dinner^^
so damn full=="
so tired~!! 2 days photo shoot also tired like hell.

recenlty keep rush assignment only~!!
stressful~!!next week submit,

Photography assignment 1
Tamadun exam again
Clifford have to done everything and consult
Typo submission
English group presentation
Yarshi T-shirt final idea =="


now you saw what i mean by STRESSFUL~!!
long time did not when for karaoke d=="
i must go when i have free time!!
i want to shopping~!!



-lu yi- said...

ah po~ date pun salah..=.="

Carolinelzt said...

what date??

-lu yi- said...

da dates that we took photos ar.. tuesday was 1st december, wednesday was 2nd.. haha~