Friday, December 4, 2009


Yea~so WHAT!!!

Yea~i still view his blog.
view to know how he doing recently.
really feel happy for him and his fiancee.
they are so sweet.
they just have their honeymoon, they were so happy.
happiness that even you can see thru, from their face=)
but althought happy for them, my emotion still distracted.
haix~pass is still pass.
future still waiting for you~girl!!
maybe just my jealousy of they perfect LOVE~^^"~
i just read the post his fiancee wrote.
quite an interesting girl, she is.
hope you appreciate more then what you do to me.
i think no need i say so you also will so so~ *wink* =)

hmm~wearing this everyday.
i do have my own reason.
maybe i really like this watch or i just want to keep my memory in the only time box I left.
glad and happy to have those memory,not to sad-emo bout the result. =)

I know he no longer someone i can get. i think it also time for me to remove the picture from my blog.


-JF- said...

Pass was Pass,future will be there for you~add oil

Carolinelzt said...

what~unexpected comment-er
anyway, Thanks~^^~

-lu yi- said...

ur future = ME! =p
dont vomit or watever.. accept it..

Carolinelzt said...

i dont want..i not LES!!!