Saturday, January 30, 2010


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yesterday, 29 Jan

when to Sunway with MO-D5 and Fei Friends.
total around 12 included me for ice skating.
they skate for 3hour me only 2hour, cause late~xD
then. when to Karaoke around 5pm they gave us a huge room!!
so SYOK but it was a temporary room.
afte 1hour they change us a DAMN small room and it fit 13 peoples of us=="
but still called as enjoy all also friendly~
finish our karaoke section at 9am~TIRED!!

then, drive myself to OUG teh section with Notti Fam at ABC
quite fun also~some back at 11pm~
then 12pm~ and the last was me, LiLi, Keith and PaoPao.
got home already 1.30am, so tired but still force myself to bath~xD

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


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26 Jan 2010, Tuesday
when to Bukit Jalil jogging~^^
with Ling, Bert, Keith, Herng.
not sure jog how long, but it was tired and also fun
after jog photo section~!!!XD

after jog when to OUG for cold bean curd [tau fu fa] section~
then send Ling home, cause she got party to attend.
my another ZaiZai 21st birthday.
after that we when to Sri Petaling night market.
ate 1 China burger and bought a short Pant.^^

actually the fun part just started~xD
and this the photo i wanted to show you guys!!
you guys will not believe what we have done=="

now the girls turn~=="

did you guys enjoy and have some laugh after see our picture~xD

27 Jan 2010,Wednesday

when to Cheras night market with Herng and Keith.
damn many people even starting to rain=="
eat many thing!!=="
ate pan mee, mango lolo, soya ice cream, Japanese wasabi octopus, ma chi and Taiwan sosej = FAT!!

and i bought a Bag~^^ YEAH~!!
a red hand bag = rm30++

today, 28 Jan 2010

when to Boston have breakfast and tea with Keith and Six.
then straight away go home d~and continue my blog.
thought want to find ZaiZai, but no time he got class^^

next time ba~
later night maybe Maison~!! who want??xD
but must control my mouth d~!
no mixing alcohol and over drink!! * my promise to myself *

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Money Flying Away~

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Today when to Time Square with Catherine and Nixon.
but did not shop with them.
i when for a movie with Fei, Jeff, Shaun and Meng^^

Tooth Fairy. not bad la~~ 3.5/5

then, shopping with them.
i can tell you~they are not a good shopper~=="
they just walk around more than shopping.
and they when back at around 7pm, without any "souvenir".
and SORRY to Fei waiting me outside the cinema~^^"~

after, they when back i shopping alone while waiting Catherine come meet me at Sg Wang.
i was trying to buy a long straight cut pant.
i did found what i want but i look damn fat and short with long pant=="
this is why i HATE wear long pant and why you will seldom say me with long pant.
probably only working purpose i will wear long pant.

then, met with Catherine and realize she and her friends abandon Nixon alone outside while they shop=="
so i call Nix follow me and bought a pant for him n Nelson=="
i always do so!! buying clothe for my bro cause i know they seldom shopping.
and they like what i buy them^^
dad did not pay me back!!
feel happy when i saw them like it although it hurt my purse A LOT!!

today i spend Rm200 for::
*2 quarter pant for Nixon & Nelson
*1 lace scarf
*short jumpsuit
*2 bread
*1 Mentos
*2 Crepes [treat Nix again]

i still need to buy::
*quarter & short pant.
*mini Skirt
*another 2pair shoe [maybe]
*handbag or clutch bag

but my bank is like going negative(-)
i think i use too much.
only outcome no income.
no JOB!! intro me a job, PLEASE!!

should start think when use money~
think before i do=="
i want MONEY~!!!
and i have to save money for my hair=="

tomorrow morning maybe go for karaoke with Christina and Catherine=="
if they can wake or me can wake~
3 of us is still awake at this hour==" * 2:37am *

Sunday, January 24, 2010

FREE from EXAM~!!

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ya~I'm free now.
i know Notti Fam damn jealous now.
cause i can kacau them 99~!!xD
yesterday, 23 Jan Saturday.
done my ITA exam shitty subject.

guess what~
i know nothing but only the 1st question *sad*
and i was shocked by the 2piece of A3 paper=="
and i knew it after i open my question paper.
we have to draw
ELEPHANT for art history~ *hilarious*
bad feeling *failing for 2nd time* 90% confirm.
if i pass ITA i sure run to JOGOYA and EAT full full~!!
who ON~!!come come come~~yuMmY

after exam, straight away when back GK pack pack pack then, back Puchong^^~yeah!!
and start to call people accompany me for midnight movie
end up, nobody can=="
dummy Vincent watched all movie~!!!!hate him.

when my hope to watch movie was goon.
here come LuJi giving me hope again~~
yeah~movie movie movie
so we when to Mid valley for
Haunted University but it already full left the front roll.
for me front roll is damn suffer!!! so i rejected and say watch
Case 39~
and HEY~YEA my decision damn correct.
that movie was way better than what i expected^^

ranked 5/5~******* worth to watch.
i can guarantee, just by seeing Ling keep on holding my hand and almost bite my hand and LuJi sharp scream in the hall~~XD

and i actually quite scare also, cause few of the scene really does scare me and i have to sleep alone at the 3rd floor=="
end up~i online till almost 5.30am only have my sugar sleep!!

this morning waken by Nix at 8am!!
so i have bitter sleep = 3hour.
so whole journey to Bidor i was SLEEPING again~xD
owh~i go Bidor to visit Nelson, he damn "lucky" got in to National Service~^^
so next time saw i post Bidor, don't ask me why go there~

and i think if i continue following my parent for trip or for any daily meal, my diet plan is surely FAIL~~!!!
after visit Nelson, we when to Ipoh for Ipoh Chicken tauge 'Hor Fun'~yuMmY *drool*
actually i think it was normal~xD
cause i not very likey "hor fun" and fishball, but my dad say fishball is damn tasty~^^
i think the tauge really nice~when bite can feel how crunchy it is~hahaha

then, my dad saw steam sweet potatoes~
and bought 8piece=="
i only ate 1piece, and i think that fellow steam it with sugar cause it is sweet very sweet~
my dad also bought salty herb chicken and Ipoh snack "xiang ping" and "sat kei ma"~^^
and head HOME~~

and here am I XDO-ing, blogging and facebook-ing.

just awhile ago, a stranger that i don't know added my MSN.
no picture just name call Jasmine.
i don't know whether she/he really 15years old or not.
but what i can feel is, she/he is trying to play or do something SUCK~=="
she/he asked me what is masturbation~
WTF have the world go into??
even a 15years old teenage ask a stranger about this=="
maybe she/he not teenage~

who CARE~i don't waste time on people like this.
people who free till nothing to do~

and 1 more~
any of you friends or blogger know who is the DML1 mama who have post messages at my cbox?? =="
cause who ever is she, i think she a COWARD, because don't use really name to post a message~~
DAMN HATE THIS KIND OF PEOPLE~!! so please put your name.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Alcohol KILLs~!!

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yesterday when to Maison.
thought it will be fun, but end up~
got a headache and stomachache.

till now it still pain.
head spinning, feel like want vomit.
when vomit only clear water and "wong dam shui"

damn no mood clubbing~
don't invite me to club=="
if i go, don't give me any alcohol~!!

even eating pork mee also taste like beer~=="
making healthy worse!!
don't understand why those fellow want to drunk themselves purposely~

tomorrow my last paper ITA.
but i can memories anything and don't understand anything.
i think 80% failing this subject for the 2nd time~!!!!
ITA making me crazy~
power point given also useless just a piece of shit~

why must have this subject.
why can i just drop from this subject.
why have to study so hard~
wasting time!!!!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Number~1 2 3...

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i accidentally found this thingy from a blog
when i passing by other blogger post.xD

it quite interesting^^
we never ask why one is 1 and two is 2.
do you know why is one is 1 two is 2??
can you think any reson of it?!
can't guess??

cause they got angle~xD
have a look at the picture below you will understand.
sorry~i left out number 9~xD
figure out by yourself la.

and lastly is the most easy 1~~~

loL~time for my drama~xD


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at this moment i should be doing my ITA revision~
searching for note or tips
searching the meaning of realism, cubism, impressionism, 7basic visual element or 4major criteria of a piece of art work~
but why am i blogging post~~!!

i hate ITA~!!hate art history~!!
i don't understand any note i written or any note i read~!!
i think i going to fail for the 2nd time~!!=="
ism ism ism thingy don't suit me~!!!study not my style~!!memories not my job~!!
why study Multimedia design have to do all this!!!

can't study, have to rest right~!?
so now rest awhile, watch drama "下一站, 幸福"~^^~

this movie very very NICE~!! i like the story line~
the kid damn cute~^^
both main actor look so pretty and handsome in this drama~

should watch~~ 5/5 ranking
*clap~clap* *clap~clap*

other than 下一站, 幸福, 海派甜心 also quite nice, comedy drama~
but haven completely out.
every week have to check check check, chase chase chase~=="

damn admire Show Lou and Raine Yang
they are expression damn funny~xD
and the DaLang mushroom hair style~!!!hilarious~ 3/5**

I'm damn addicted to taiwan drama~~xD
i watch finish 福氣又安康
nice~~this the 2nd drame i like
Blue very cool.
that fatty very cute la~xD

桃花小妹 i have finish watched also.
bot very nice~okok only.
comedy~ 3/5

*about DaoHua have 5 elder bro for of the elder was abit crazy loving her.
what also don't let her do.
her last bro was the pity 1, do everything in the house just like a maid~xD


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why I Like It Longer~?!

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longer does it mean better??

why i like it longer?

so hard to explain.
i think i should just summaries my because because because answer~XD

I'm chocolate LOVER~
i can eat chocolate everyday non-stop, craving for chocolate.
so it will be wonderful if i have a long choco bar which i eat it as my daily meal~^^

I'm short.
which shorty look like me does not wish to have a model-like long legs, RIGHT!?
if he/she does not like long legs, they can give me.^^

i use to have long hair.
now i have a short hair which look like mushroom~ *sad*
regret, i cut it short~!!=="
short hair make me look like kids.
i miss my long hair, and long hair look more feminine. *thumb up*

so what wrong if peeps like us to like a LONG and ELEGANT mobile phone like this.
The new LG Chocolate phone BL40
~4 inch widescreen with crystal clear HD~o.0!!

~5.0 mega PIXEL camera. [which you can cam whoring all day long]
~multi touch function.
~cinema-like screen. *drooling*

i know~i know~
you guys sure thinking that I'm dreaming owning that phone~~=P
at least i try, if i really got it,
you guys will see me wearing a 7 INCH HIGH HEEL walking in front of you guys holding LG BL40~!!

*just kidding*
don't take the heel too serious,Kay~?
but I'm serious bout the BL40. =D

if i can't get LG BL40, i will continue using my KS360. *cry* TT

*i think the only person that don't like LONG it will be Pinocchio.. hahahaha*
*anyway wish me luck~^^~*


Name PLEASE~!!!

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why can't you guys put your name when comment or post at my chat box le.=="
siao kia and DML1 mama who are you guys??

please put your name at least let me know who are you guys.
i damn dizzy guessing who the hell you guys are le~!!!

OMG~i like in my sem break d.
but actually i still have 1paper at 23 January.
ITA~i can't study that. cause no tips and can't understand anything=="
art history i hate u~!! but i can't lose because I'm not going to meet u at my 3rd sem~TT
still waiting for peeps with big heart give me tips~xD

i use many $$ in CNY shopping.
but what i got is 2 T-shirt, 3dress, 1pair of shoe, 1belt,
cosmetic set.
i use almost rm500!!! WTF!!! and i haven got the thing i want=="
heel that with string only, not cover heel.
pant + mini skirt.
clutch or a handbag and wallet.
dye+straighten my hair~

my bank left about rm700.
how i do all this with only rm700=="!!!!


tomorrow midnight will be going for badminton section with Fei and his 2housemate, Jeff, Shaun and KaiXian.
sot crazy~midnight go badminton, people sleep or tea we go badminton.
damn healthlyle!!XD

i want a job~!!give me a job~!!
i need money~!!
give me money~!!

any job intro??
rm80 an above per day. 8hour below per day.
not too far from my house [Puchong]
no need to attend many interview or training.

or any job that good condition~~~kindly PM me~
need work/money after 23 January~


Shopping AGAIN~!!

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Monday, January 18
when to Time Square AGAIN.
with Albert, Kelvin, Keith, Micky, Jeckson and WaiLi
purpose is to SHOP for CNY clothes^^
but Jeckson and WaiLi when to Neway singK=="
the other shopping lo~
all also got bought at least 1thing except Kelvin.
then finish shopping around 6.30pm when back to Neway meet Jeck and WaiLi
have our dinner at Leo's then back home lo~^^
i post the previous picture of last shopping and trip to Bidor also

this dress look nice but did not buy it,
cause i think those cloth will tear of after was few time~

i spend money in cosmetic again~
but i seldom make up=="

free angpao from Elianto cute hor??^^

my shoe^^ not the kind i want, still want to buy another heel!!

this i bought it for Nelson~
this for Nixon~

Sunday, 17 January -Bidor Trip-

at Teluk Intan, Pagoda condong~

like this~^^

resting while mom when to the market for 'sayur'

here my mom back from 'sayur-ing'
beautiful sun light~

on the way home~

Saturday, January 9 -movie-
Micky trying on a shirt~i choose~ *nice*
bought it~^^

Monday, January 11-Shopping-
this is the food we 5peeps eat~of cause still got many haven came la~
at FOS fitting room~

like this~the guys bored waiting for us~

just try did not buy, cause look fat in it~

bought a dress
to V neck T
my dad bought this hard disc for me~~XD
Christina jealousing~**
wasting money in cosmetic=="
dress from Q-Fashion

my Ultraman home slipper *cute le?*
many red stuff~xD
baby tomatoes^^YumMy
jeruk Guava~taste like apples *look disgusting*