Thursday, January 21, 2010



at this moment i should be doing my ITA revision~
searching for note or tips
searching the meaning of realism, cubism, impressionism, 7basic visual element or 4major criteria of a piece of art work~
but why am i blogging post~~!!

i hate ITA~!!hate art history~!!
i don't understand any note i written or any note i read~!!
i think i going to fail for the 2nd time~!!=="
ism ism ism thingy don't suit me~!!!study not my style~!!memories not my job~!!
why study Multimedia design have to do all this!!!

can't study, have to rest right~!?
so now rest awhile, watch drama "下一站, 幸福"~^^~

this movie very very NICE~!! i like the story line~
the kid damn cute~^^
both main actor look so pretty and handsome in this drama~

should watch~~ 5/5 ranking
*clap~clap* *clap~clap*

other than 下一站, 幸福, 海派甜心 also quite nice, comedy drama~
but haven completely out.
every week have to check check check, chase chase chase~=="

damn admire Show Lou and Raine Yang
they are expression damn funny~xD
and the DaLang mushroom hair style~!!!hilarious~ 3/5**

I'm damn addicted to taiwan drama~~xD
i watch finish 福氣又安康
nice~~this the 2nd drame i like
Blue very cool.
that fatty very cute la~xD

桃花小妹 i have finish watched also.
bot very nice~okok only.
comedy~ 3/5

*about DaoHua have 5 elder bro for of the elder was abit crazy loving her.
what also don't let her do.
her last bro was the pity 1, do everything in the house just like a maid~xD

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