Wednesday, January 27, 2010



26 Jan 2010, Tuesday
when to Bukit Jalil jogging~^^
with Ling, Bert, Keith, Herng.
not sure jog how long, but it was tired and also fun
after jog photo section~!!!XD

after jog when to OUG for cold bean curd [tau fu fa] section~
then send Ling home, cause she got party to attend.
my another ZaiZai 21st birthday.
after that we when to Sri Petaling night market.
ate 1 China burger and bought a short Pant.^^

actually the fun part just started~xD
and this the photo i wanted to show you guys!!
you guys will not believe what we have done=="

now the girls turn~=="

did you guys enjoy and have some laugh after see our picture~xD

27 Jan 2010,Wednesday

when to Cheras night market with Herng and Keith.
damn many people even starting to rain=="
eat many thing!!=="
ate pan mee, mango lolo, soya ice cream, Japanese wasabi octopus, ma chi and Taiwan sosej = FAT!!

and i bought a Bag~^^ YEAH~!!
a red hand bag = rm30++

today, 28 Jan 2010

when to Boston have breakfast and tea with Keith and Six.
then straight away go home d~and continue my blog.
thought want to find ZaiZai, but no time he got class^^

next time ba~
later night maybe Maison~!! who want??xD
but must control my mouth d~!
no mixing alcohol and over drink!! * my promise to myself *

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