Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The Day is Here~^^

3rd January 2010-Sunday-
when to Sunway Sing K with LiLi, Kelvin, PaoZheng, Herng^^
5people also can play till crazy.
sing k from 1.30pm to 6pm.
then when to arcade play ezDancer with Pz, next movie^^
The Vampire Assassin oppss~ i mean Assistant.
i keep say the wrong word, The Vampire Assistant.
it is NICE!!! rate 4.5/5 , - o.5 cause when it reach the climax the movie end=="
it mean it will be session 2~iSk!!
after movie, we when to Caribbean Station at Kuchai.
for LiLi surprise early birthday celebration^^
although i know she saw the cake, but thank for pretend did not see.
so LOVE you,LiLi~ dai sek *MUAcK*
so many friend came for your celebration sure happy^^
wish you love the gift i choose.
now already 2am it you actual birthday~
**WISH you will be more more and more pretty**

5 Jan 2010 - Tuesday-

the day have come~!!
it was our day, DML and AML day^^
which multimedia student have waited so long.
is DML1 Shoe and T-shirt Design Exhibition.
DML2 Commercial Showcase.
and AML Final Graduation Animation Project + Webpage Design [if im not wrong ^^"].
our exhibition so crowded look like pasar malam~xD
DML2 and AML senior work was amazing!!
my favor was the advertisement about the mineral water forgot what it name d, i think is Pocari don't know what~xD

although our MO-D5 design wasn't chosen as the best, we still Pound of ourselves.
cause we survive~xD
and my Shoe design wasn't chosen also, a bit of sadness and i cheer back very fast~^^
i saw other group Shirt and Shoe was unbelievable~!!
very nice, so I'm lost till very happy^^
and 1 more thing i happy about, cause the chosen shoe will be given to the lecturer as sample, can't take back~XD

[to many picture to upload, so will upload next time~!!]
owh~my EXAM is coming, it is 14th, 16th and 23th!! TT *cry*

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