Sunday, January 24, 2010


FREE from EXAM~!!

ya~I'm free now.
i know Notti Fam damn jealous now.
cause i can kacau them 99~!!xD
yesterday, 23 Jan Saturday.
done my ITA exam shitty subject.

guess what~
i know nothing but only the 1st question *sad*
and i was shocked by the 2piece of A3 paper=="
and i knew it after i open my question paper.
we have to draw
ELEPHANT for art history~ *hilarious*
bad feeling *failing for 2nd time* 90% confirm.
if i pass ITA i sure run to JOGOYA and EAT full full~!!
who ON~!!come come come~~yuMmY

after exam, straight away when back GK pack pack pack then, back Puchong^^~yeah!!
and start to call people accompany me for midnight movie
end up, nobody can=="
dummy Vincent watched all movie~!!!!hate him.

when my hope to watch movie was goon.
here come LuJi giving me hope again~~
yeah~movie movie movie
so we when to Mid valley for
Haunted University but it already full left the front roll.
for me front roll is damn suffer!!! so i rejected and say watch
Case 39~
and HEY~YEA my decision damn correct.
that movie was way better than what i expected^^

ranked 5/5~******* worth to watch.
i can guarantee, just by seeing Ling keep on holding my hand and almost bite my hand and LuJi sharp scream in the hall~~XD

and i actually quite scare also, cause few of the scene really does scare me and i have to sleep alone at the 3rd floor=="
end up~i online till almost 5.30am only have my sugar sleep!!

this morning waken by Nix at 8am!!
so i have bitter sleep = 3hour.
so whole journey to Bidor i was SLEEPING again~xD
owh~i go Bidor to visit Nelson, he damn "lucky" got in to National Service~^^
so next time saw i post Bidor, don't ask me why go there~

and i think if i continue following my parent for trip or for any daily meal, my diet plan is surely FAIL~~!!!
after visit Nelson, we when to Ipoh for Ipoh Chicken tauge 'Hor Fun'~yuMmY *drool*
actually i think it was normal~xD
cause i not very likey "hor fun" and fishball, but my dad say fishball is damn tasty~^^
i think the tauge really nice~when bite can feel how crunchy it is~hahaha

then, my dad saw steam sweet potatoes~
and bought 8piece=="
i only ate 1piece, and i think that fellow steam it with sugar cause it is sweet very sweet~
my dad also bought salty herb chicken and Ipoh snack "xiang ping" and "sat kei ma"~^^
and head HOME~~

and here am I XDO-ing, blogging and facebook-ing.

just awhile ago, a stranger that i don't know added my MSN.
no picture just name call Jasmine.
i don't know whether she/he really 15years old or not.
but what i can feel is, she/he is trying to play or do something SUCK~=="
she/he asked me what is masturbation~
WTF have the world go into??
even a 15years old teenage ask a stranger about this=="
maybe she/he not teenage~

who CARE~i don't waste time on people like this.
people who free till nothing to do~

and 1 more~
any of you friends or blogger know who is the DML1 mama who have post messages at my cbox?? =="
cause who ever is she, i think she a COWARD, because don't use really name to post a message~~
DAMN HATE THIS KIND OF PEOPLE~!! so please put your name.



kenwooi said...

finished exams, time to enjoy! =)

Carolinelzt said...

ur blog very interesting and 1 of your post remind me of my ITA=="

-lu yi- said...

caroline~ u promote me in this way..=.="

Carolinelzt said...

say thank yoU~

Carolinelzt said...
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