Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Fun Hang Out^^

i camwhoring to too much i think~*

Kx~so childish, sit on the kiddy ride and say want to play~!!
and Melaka put money~xD
a kid was looking at him..

LOL~ when out with Melaka, kaiXian, Sherynn, Jseng and Gai Gai~~^^
when to KLCC watch Alvin and The Chipmunk 2~=="
yup~i watch again. and it still so funny Theodore still the cutest 1^^
and he really have a big and fluffy butt~XD
it was so funny, what we chat what we do it was so damn silly.
then 6pm when back to Wangsa Maju finish Jacklyn eat dinner^^
now so damn full.
that Melaka and Kx go watch AVATAR==" buang me and GaiGai be light bulb~!!
hope next time got time hang out again la^^
did not took any picture lo~except the 1 Kx playing the kiddy ride~xD


~#Si3wHo0ng said...

weii~~wat buang u n bryan be light bulb har??==

Carolinelzt said...

lol!! ya la....XD
v 2 so ho lin ar

Leon said...

walao... mou call ngo !!!

Carolinelzt said...

erm~~this hou nan kai sek ar..
many ppl also din call..cause time tak cukup~can say is last minute plan~~=="
paiseh~next time sure call u^^