Sunday, January 3, 2010


hmm~ha huh ammmm~

Fact ::
1. submitted my Photography journal[last work].
i spend almost rm200 for everything to done this journal

2. exam coming very soon, damn worry will fail again.

3. last year[2009] EVE was so simple. have dinner or tea time countdown=="

4. movie section to much. watched :
AVATAR x2 / Sherlock Holmes / Bodyguard Assassin / Alvin the Chipmunk /
The Treasure Hunter.

5. use to much money, look so BROKE~!!

6. bought something i useless.=="

7. I'm jealous about someone cause of someone

8. envy other people life, thing they got and i can't get it

9. hope i can make my face back to tofu face, diet and eat less~!!!

10. get a boyfriend.

11. get a job after my EXAM~!! i need MONEY!!!

12. wanted to CLUB!! * you spin me RIGHT round BABY right round *

Conclusion ::

1. damn happy~ASSIGNMENT FREE!!

2. don't how to study. [not good in study or memories subject]

3. at least pass EVE with my lovely friend.

4. too too much for me. but i still want to chase it~!!!xD

5. use less on food or ask dad give [ if i can do both]

6. sell it out~ * WHO WANT *

7. i always think jealousy is something i won't do, but it was wrong. nothing i can do or don't think is the solution.

8. work hard and get it one day!!

9. really don't about this~! sleep early, eat less and right portion, drink more water?!

10. boyfriend or friends better?! no confident about boyfriend

11. work back Epromode? or Crimera? or online search?

12. wait after EXAM~arg!G!G!G!G!G!G!G

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