Thursday, January 14, 2010


Lambat Queen <3

yup~ Lambat Queen = Miss.Caroline.Lzt
Lambat = Late

as usually and never change, i still late to school
and today is the first day of Exam~^^"
when i enter the hall it already started 5minute+
make me so nervous=="
and i sit at the 2nd sit from the front~

today exam paper is English For Communication.
i finish it very rush~!!
cause not enough time for me to do the last section and i ended my section C essay with rush~
don't know enough 350 words or not~
i think it will not be A or B~
i hope i can pass then i will be grateful~=="

got back from breakfast, thought can start revision my Tamadun
but end up too sleepy when for a nap
and the nap is about 4-5 hours=="
now having my dinner~
i think i will start revision after dinner or tomorrow morning=="
you say dead or not~!!

the last exam day FOR ME is 23 mean next Saturday=="
cause i resit Introduction To Art~~TT *sad*
and i have got any tips for Intro to Art~!!
who got tips please la...GIVE ME!!!
craving for tips, i don't want to fail second time
my parent will chop me into zillion pieces and sell it like pork meat~!!

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