Thursday, January 14, 2010



i can't really concentrate to my Tamadun book=="
i think i will be touching 'him' tomorrow.

i was so damn jealous my course mate.
cause after Saturday they will be FREE~!!
i still have to war with ITA, but before that i have 1week to revision and rest=="
i think i will be playing around more than studying=="

i gaining weigh, last Saturday measure and it was heavier than last time=="
after exam i must go jogging with Nixon, at least decrease a bit i satisfy =)
starting from yesterday i was
sneezing the whole day till today.
i think catch a
flu, my nose is so itchy and stuck=="

i already start plan for after exam activities~LOL

* 23 Jan - CLUB [if my gang want]
* 24 Jan - SHOPPING [my sis or my babe?]
* going to find job which pay me RM80 above per day~XD
* go Cameron with my parent to visit Nelson
* sell all me and my sis 2nd hand new stuff. [plan to do so since last year]
* dye my hair and do something with my hair, it look ugly now=="
[hope Tom can help me out]
* pray hard i pass my EXAM!!
* planing to go Melaka with my friends if anyone want to go~^^~ i feel want to go there don't know why~
[i miss Notti Fam Melaka trip last year~TT]
* change my blog look [say this start from last year]
* jogging everyday 6pm with Nixon [if can]

time passing so fast
Chinese New Year is on 14 Feb 2010 = Valentine
so many couple can't celebrate Valentine together.
lol~it not a problem for single~XD
this year nothing to do it will be less fun for CNY this year.
me, Ling and Herng if I'm not wrong will not decorate or doing other praying stuff
cause our family have funeral not long ago
some of them only have 3day holiday for CNY=="
"what a boring year "

Reno is going to move to Johor cause his mum and bro work at Singapore
soon he will be going work at Singapore also.
nobody can take care of his grandpa so they have to move to Johor
so they can see his grandpa easily.
another club kaki go far away~ before Reno is Kelvin=="
"my life is getting more dull"

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