Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Money Flying Away~

Today when to Time Square with Catherine and Nixon.
but did not shop with them.
i when for a movie with Fei, Jeff, Shaun and Meng^^

Tooth Fairy. not bad la~~ 3.5/5

then, shopping with them.
i can tell you~they are not a good shopper~=="
they just walk around more than shopping.
and they when back at around 7pm, without any "souvenir".
and SORRY to Fei waiting me outside the cinema~^^"~

after, they when back i shopping alone while waiting Catherine come meet me at Sg Wang.
i was trying to buy a long straight cut pant.
i did found what i want but i look damn fat and short with long pant=="
this is why i HATE wear long pant and why you will seldom say me with long pant.
probably only working purpose i will wear long pant.

then, met with Catherine and realize she and her friends abandon Nixon alone outside while they shop=="
so i call Nix follow me and bought a pant for him n Nelson=="
i always do so!! buying clothe for my bro cause i know they seldom shopping.
and they like what i buy them^^
dad did not pay me back!!
feel happy when i saw them like it although it hurt my purse A LOT!!

today i spend Rm200 for::
*2 quarter pant for Nixon & Nelson
*1 lace scarf
*short jumpsuit
*2 bread
*1 Mentos
*2 Crepes [treat Nix again]

i still need to buy::
*quarter & short pant.
*mini Skirt
*another 2pair shoe [maybe]
*handbag or clutch bag

but my bank is like going negative(-)
i think i use too much.
only outcome no income.
no JOB!! intro me a job, PLEASE!!

should start think when use money~
think before i do=="
i want MONEY~!!!
and i have to save money for my hair=="

tomorrow morning maybe go for karaoke with Christina and Catherine=="
if they can wake or me can wake~
3 of us is still awake at this hour==" * 2:37am *

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