Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Name PLEASE~!!!

why can't you guys put your name when comment or post at my chat box le.=="
siao kia and DML1 mama who are you guys??

please put your name at least let me know who are you guys.
i damn dizzy guessing who the hell you guys are le~!!!

OMG~i like in my sem break d.
but actually i still have 1paper at 23 January.
ITA~i can't study that. cause no tips and can't understand anything=="
art history i hate u~!! but i can't lose because I'm not going to meet u at my 3rd sem~TT
still waiting for peeps with big heart give me tips~xD

i use many $$ in CNY shopping.
but what i got is 2 T-shirt, 3dress, 1pair of shoe, 1belt,
cosmetic set.
i use almost rm500!!! WTF!!! and i haven got the thing i want=="
heel that with string only, not cover heel.
pant + mini skirt.
clutch or a handbag and wallet.
dye+straighten my hair~

my bank left about rm700.
how i do all this with only rm700=="!!!!


tomorrow midnight will be going for badminton section with Fei and his 2housemate, Jeff, Shaun and KaiXian.
sot crazy~midnight go badminton, people sleep or tea we go badminton.
damn healthlyle!!XD

i want a job~!!give me a job~!!
i need money~!!
give me money~!!

any job intro??
rm80 an above per day. 8hour below per day.
not too far from my house [Puchong]
no need to attend many interview or training.

or any job that good condition~~~kindly PM me~
need work/money after 23 January~

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