Monday, January 18, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010
The reason why we should not drive fast when its raining~

Its not me ok~ lol...
My dad drove the car together with my mom and my grandparents to PD.
On their way back it was raining quite heavily and there's this puddle of water on the highway(Msia are used to bad patching work).He drove pass it but the car trembled and it spinned.The back of my car hit the lorry.In the end the car was in a reverse position.Lucky only the car is injured and no one else is

this post is directly copy from Blong bloggie^^
cause I'm too too lazy to retype the same thing when someone have done so~xD
and i want to correct a thing.
actually there are people injured, although not serious injure la.
my mom knock her head cause the damaged car ceiling was where my mom seat.
and my grandpa scratched his hand by the broken glasses.
and that day was my Tamadun exam and it was DML 1 last paper.
happy for them cause holidays~!! but for me==" i still have 1 last resit paper!!
Introduction To Art and no tips!! dead mou~!!

after Tamadun, we when to 1Utama for Movie~ "Tiger Woo-Hoo"
VERY NICE~!!Malaysia 1st success movie~xD
i can laugh from the beginning till the end~ *thumb up*

Sunday, January 17, 2010
when to Perak, Bidor with my parents and Nixon.

morning around 10pm start journey to Perak, Bidor to visit Nelson in his NS[National Service] camp^^
it was so hot~!!==" a bit regret when there.
and I'm so tired cause Friday night i did not sleep, prepare my Tamadun paper~!
so this morning not enough sleep, i slept in the car for whole journey.
bought some food for Nelson n both his friends
environment not bad~just too
Nelson look happy at there~
5pm the camp started to chase every parent out, cause it pass visit period.
we start go back Puchong from Bidor around 6pm and reach Puchong at 8pm++
whole journey also
while on the way back, my dad almost bang a motorcycle.
their did not give any signal of turning in, and turn
lucky my dad brake in time if not u guys go hell d=="


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