Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Shopping AGAIN~!!

Monday, January 18
when to Time Square AGAIN.
with Albert, Kelvin, Keith, Micky, Jeckson and WaiLi
purpose is to SHOP for CNY clothes^^
but Jeckson and WaiLi when to Neway singK=="
the other shopping lo~
all also got bought at least 1thing except Kelvin.
then finish shopping around 6.30pm when back to Neway meet Jeck and WaiLi
have our dinner at Leo's then back home lo~^^
i post the previous picture of last shopping and trip to Bidor also

this dress look nice but did not buy it,
cause i think those cloth will tear of after was few time~

i spend money in cosmetic again~
but i seldom make up=="

free angpao from Elianto cute hor??^^

my shoe^^ not the kind i want, still want to buy another heel!!

this i bought it for Nelson~
this for Nixon~

Sunday, 17 January -Bidor Trip-

at Teluk Intan, Pagoda condong~

like this~^^

resting while mom when to the market for 'sayur'

here my mom back from 'sayur-ing'
beautiful sun light~

on the way home~

Saturday, January 9 -movie-
Micky trying on a shirt~i choose~ *nice*
bought it~^^

Monday, January 11-Shopping-
this is the food we 5peeps eat~of cause still got many haven came la~
at FOS fitting room~

like this~the guys bored waiting for us~

just try did not buy, cause look fat in it~

bought a dress
to V neck T
my dad bought this hard disc for me~~XD
Christina jealousing~**
wasting money in cosmetic=="
dress from Q-Fashion

my Ultraman home slipper *cute le?*
many red stuff~xD
baby tomatoes^^YumMy
jeruk Guava~taste like apples *look disgusting*

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