Thursday, January 7, 2010



SS-ing / camwhoring
nothing to do. play with camera. try to snap my eyes bag and my pale face~XD

i did not sleep from yesterday till now.
so damn tired, hardly open my eyes big.
head keep on moving front and back, left and right.
make me not dare to go school, scare i pengsan in the bus then famous at Tarc=="

when Steven Corner for tea with a bunch of U7 ppl, 1 U6, 2 U3 and me 1 U4 peoples.
it look like U7 gathering. the other just come "teman duduk" boring~
so i when home around 6pm.
and start waiting for my parent come Genting Kelang fetch me.
end up, i fall asleep on my study table.
saliva dripping out, sikit-sikit only~xD
and wake now blogging=="

today feel a bit moody.
no reason~just moody, maybe lack of sleep~

i realize i still the same,
can't talk with people by looking at their face and eyes, except Notti Family and my Family member.
i can't talk and look at my cousin bro face and eyes either=="
don't know why?

i also hate peoples keep looking at me, especially my eyes=="
i sure avoid their no eyes contact.
and sometime I'm very anti-social.*can't believe le*
WeiLi birthday / shoe & Shirt exhibition / my artwork picture
I'm berry the lazy to upload 5 by 5.
so if want to see go to my Facebook

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