Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Why I Like It Longer~?!

longer does it mean better??

why i like it longer?

so hard to explain.
i think i should just summaries my because because because answer~XD

I'm chocolate LOVER~
i can eat chocolate everyday non-stop, craving for chocolate.
so it will be wonderful if i have a long choco bar which i eat it as my daily meal~^^

I'm short.
which shorty look like me does not wish to have a model-like long legs, RIGHT!?
if he/she does not like long legs, they can give me.^^

i use to have long hair.
now i have a short hair which look like mushroom~ *sad*
regret, i cut it short~!!=="
short hair make me look like kids.
i miss my long hair, and long hair look more feminine. *thumb up*

so what wrong if peeps like us to like a LONG and ELEGANT mobile phone like this.
The new LG Chocolate phone BL40
~4 inch widescreen with crystal clear HD~o.0!!

~5.0 mega PIXEL camera. [which you can cam whoring all day long]
~multi touch function.
~cinema-like screen. *drooling*

i know~i know~
you guys sure thinking that I'm dreaming owning that phone~~=P
at least i try, if i really got it,
you guys will see me wearing a 7 INCH HIGH HEEL walking in front of you guys holding LG BL40~!!

*just kidding*
don't take the heel too serious,Kay~?
but I'm serious bout the BL40. =D

if i can't get LG BL40, i will continue using my KS360. *cry* TT

*i think the only person that don't like LONG it will be Pinocchio.. hahahaha*
*anyway wish me luck~^^~*