Sunday, February 28, 2010

LAST visit for CNY~

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Yesterday when to WeiLi house as what we plan last week. Her house will be Notti Fam last CNY gather. We when to Tesco at 1pm to buy some food then when to my Dear Herng house to cook everything. We bought 4packs of spaghetti, 5packs of jello, 4cans longan and laici. We cook spaghetti with white mushroom meat sauce, 5flavor of jello and longan & laici punch~^^~ so FULL!! too many spaghetti can't finish it, so Herng fried some of the spaghetti. After meal is time for GAMBLING. i gambler a bit only, then stop playing cause i have lose many this year. Yesterday, was so damn fun!! everyone play till so crazy.
tonight, will go to Amcorp Mall, for tossing mandarin event. today is the 15th in Chinese calendar, it is Chinese valentine also the last day of CNY. Tossing mandarin is a event which single woman write their phone number and name on the mandarin and toss it to a lake or sea, to wish to get a perfect love. At the other side of the lake or sea will have guys grabbing the mandarin~^^.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I am, Who I am

3:12 PM 2
24 Feb, Wednesday
my first day of school xD. I know, it already 3rd since school start. I have skipped too lecture. After school when to IOI Mall meet with LiLi for dinner and movie^^. We have some personal chat, something maybe a fact which may be good and also will be bad too. Then Keith and Soon came and we watched Percy Jackson The Lighting Thief, quite nice 4/5.

whole day stay at home, hahahaha~~ suddenly so good girl stay at home~!! of cause no. I when out at night to Maison. it was fun!! so many friends it was crowded yesterday night. When Reno fetch me home we have some chat also it make me realise something. Got home Ling called me and we chat some girl talk~xD. i realise more thing, i really quite release cause i have done what i wanted to do.

I am Who I am~!!
Why does everyone think i tough and full of confident. Some even thought I am free of stressful thing!? although i look cheerful and happy everyday, but i may have something bothering me also. Some time my friends say i wish i could be like you, but i wish you would not be like me cause you will suffer~ think many also useless, just wait and see what will happen in the future and think positive everyday will be happy day~^^ pass the day with a smile.
and you guys will realise that recently my blog no photo, cause Puchong line damn suck!! sometime can't on Msn sometime facebook blogger also can't open==" wait till i got a better line will upload~^^~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mine CNY~

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When i still a kid, CNY is a way to get money because adult gave us money. But when I'm a teenage it look like a holidays for me to visit my old friends and have some fun.

On the 7th day of CNY, it was a day for us to "ROB" angpao =D. When to Steffy house which is the farthest house. Next is Soon continue to Amy house, then LuYi and Last it was Louis house also our gambling palace==". His house always the last house to ROB cause he have a big house which got extra room for us to play till crazy and won't disturb his family. It was fun, to play like kids [ sometime ]. 1am+ end our gambling when to Steven for tea and some Notti Fam chat. And they think I'm a SOOTHSAYER and LOVE METRE or HUMAN SCANNER==".

On 8th day of CNY, also the day that hokkien peeps pray God Of Sky [ Tien Gong ]. This year my family can't pray, so i when to LuYi house^^. Before that me, Keith and Reno when for Movie at IOI Mall. watched The Wolfman quite nice, not bad 3/5 it look disgusting for me==". Then have lunch at Wong Kok damn full till the night. When to Carina house, as i promise her mom to visit her^^. i call her Ah Mu when i was secondary, because i was so close with her when I'm secondary. And they have a new baby girl called Kiu Ying. Time pass very fast, everyone look so different, quite miss the pass. Then only we when to LuYi house and gambling with some of my secondary senior which i quite long did not see them. That day we play till 3.30am then Junor fetch me home.

Today, Monday 22 Feb.When to Karaoke at Neway, Puchong with Reno, PaoPao, Chuang and LuYi at 3.30pm. When we step in to the reception counter the whole building BLACKOUT==" and someone was trapped in the lift. I enjoy today~It was fun, because i did not feel bored, every time karaoke i will feel bored after 2hour singing. LuYi and Chuang is very PRO in singing quite admire also envy their voice. Wish i got half of their talent. Chuang make me admire him when he sang 林俊杰 "第几个100天" and 張學友 "你最珍贵". i also very admire LuYi voice seen long time she have a sweet voice. 7pm find karaoke when home gamble using cents with family include my parent~^^~ very fun and also funny playing with my parent. They look like KIDS!! xD


Saturday, February 20, 2010

ROB movie~XD

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today when to movie with Keith only~=="
other all so busy, watched 2 movie.
72 Tenants NICE~^^ very hilarious~
laugh until whole cinema was my voice~
4.5/5 ***cause it quite short + not very serious story line***
we start at 5pm end at 6.30pm

then, 6.45pm continue with All's Well End's Well 2010.
it was funny too, but i prefer 72 tenants.

the when to Gasoline have our dinner, and when back to Steven Corner for tea^^
got Soon, Herng, Keith, Angie and Ling
quite funny la, cause we chat back some old stuff and gossip a bit.
normal so late Soon won't out but tonight he when out tea with us^^~

tomorrow going to 'ROB' with Notti Fam^^
sure will be fun cause PaoPao and Reno is there~!!XD


Friday, February 19, 2010

$$ FLY~~~

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Yesterday, 18 Feb 10~ 5th day of CNY~

Nelson is back to his camp, and Kelvin kor going back Singapore at 5am later, will miss him. I have planned to go Calvin Yeo house but end up did not cause his not at home and i have no time to go, SORRY~ he start to work tomorrow, seriously his boss really terrible, normally salon off 1whole week for CNY.

back to 18 Feb, when to Nicky "gal" house, he look different but still handsome. and gamble a bit, i won quite many, but lose back to him, cause not so good to win his money too much cause it does not belong to me^^". Then, when to Keith house for a while and when to Ayamas for my only meal for yesterday~==" 1words comment for Ayamas!! SUCK~!! the chicken is dry~!! but their sauce good. after meal, when to Albert house "open table" again, i won many there. after play about 1-2hours i already boring and started to lose all my money. So i stopped awhile when out awhile come back continue trying my lucky but it getting worse and come home with an empty wallet~x.x
all money when into Kelvin kor Gucci Wallet==". Never mind la, every years once^^" happy can d lo~RIGHT~?! but he gave me back rm30 when he fetch me back==", this the reason i SAYANG him^^~

and i tired now~!! have to sleep, tomorrow maybe go "rob" movie at Sunway~ dated Ghino but he now at Genting will be back at 6pm==" watch what~!!!

i have think many day and many night bout the problem, what should i do and i think i should just go and have a try 1 or 2 week!? or just reject~!? although it look normal between us, but i still can feel the changes and the thing~

Thursday, February 18, 2010


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when to many relative house but my red pack money is least then rm100=="
how SAD~!!

yesterday when to Seremban, mother side grandma~^^~my cousin sis treat dinner..all dishes is very delicious, although that restaurant is very normal only. i long time did not when back to Seremban visit grandma d, she still look healthy cause her voice we can still heard it from far away~hahahah. All look different and most of my cousin have boyfriend girlfriend i very failure==". 1 of my younger cousin bro got bad influence from friends. he even peek her own sis bath and got caught by grandma~really speechless.
then, when to Aunt Jenny house fetch grandma but we end up stay there chat till 1am because Uncle Kent is there~so tired~~!!

tomorrow will go Calvin Yeo house~quite long time i did not see him. i think it is since we break up~ after that will go Nicky boy house^^

CNY is going to end soon~and my 3rd sem is coming=="

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


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Yesterday, when to Sunway with Ah Jing and Reno, PaoPao.
wanted to watch movie but no time, we when to Sushi King have a bite then to RedBox
after Karaoke we go for dinner at Ichiban Ramen~ not bad~they ramen very Q^^

then, we head to OUG to wait KaiKai and Wai korkor~ and when to Cheras mean Ah Jing dear Edis~ then we go Genting Highland!!^^ 3car =Reno Myvi / KaiKai Kancil / Edis Satria
it is my 1st time when to Genting like sitting on a ROLLER COASTER=="
don't how to say~==" it was so FUN and also DANGEROUS!!
we when to a wrong road and no place to U turn so we reverse drive then speed up to de opposite line=="~ we also almost bang to a round about==".
when going up we like speeding very dangerously~and many~LOL

this few days picture all not with me~will get from them and uplaod sooner or later~XD

Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year~!?

2:54 AM 2
it already 2.55am so it 2nd days of CNY~ i only got below 10 ang pao *sad*

back to the night of reunion dinner, 9 TAI GUAI~ damn FULL!! after that Aunt Jenny, Uncle Kent and Uncle Keong came our house, it happen every years since we did not eat reunion dinner together~TT then, i when out to Maison with few crazy friends really have fun that night and some BITCH have "gave" me an aeroplane~!! don't care her anymore!! she have no medicine to cure~lazy to care a people won't don't even care themselves cause they did not serve to receive my CARE!! **I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT I TALKING BOUT YOU~!!**
1st day of CNY, it also happen every year and nothing changed. We when to Sungai Pelek my grandma youngest bro house to have family reunion. It was like a promise from my grandma siblings that every year will go there only CNY 1st day for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner if can. Every family will bring a dish to there. it will be very BORED for the children and teenage but it will be fun for the adult==". This year my grandparent did not go, cause grandpa diarrhea this morning~ I feel so sleepy whole day sitting there listen to the elder say this and that PLUS I lack of sleep!! after dinner when to Tanjung Sepat, it is my HOMETOWN, where my dad grow up and my grandparent old house~ but our main purpose is go to dad old friends house, this also happen every year^^. We every year will go find Uncle Hock Shun, then Uncle Lim Meng and other few more uncles and aunts house *i forgot what their name is*. Stay at Uncle Hock Shun house about 1hour+ decide to go Uncle Lim Meng house, but receive call from grandma say that grandpa urine got BLOOD==". So as fast as we can call Uncle Kent and Uncle Keong back, now all adult bring my grandpa to hospital to have check up. they Leave 2 of my cousin sis and 2 bro here, don't know should i go sleep or continue wait for the adult to back~!!=="
tomorrow maybe we have no any home visit so date Notti Family out^^, for MOVIE!! damn many movie~~i want to watch all of it~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!! and I'm waiting Sarah back from her hometown cause i know her for 9-10years but i never visit her house on CNY~xD
owh~almost forgot~!!
HAPPY CHiNesE Tiger YeaR!~!!! and SwEet ValENTine to those COuPLES~~and those who have no partner never mind find your friends of family to celebrate^^~

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gong Chang Chang Lim

2:55 AM 3
my saving left rm100, NICE le==". Really SAD~~i used too much for this year CNY!! Next sem i have to save a bit.
i when to Time Square again, but this time with Junor, Chuang and LuJi. Main purpose is to grab a goldish blingy gold heel for CNY end up i only bought a red dress!!! so disappointed~ my legs is size 6 for normal shoe size 7 for heel. It is very normal size for Malaysia female so it hard for me to buy shoe. So disappointed and when for dinner at KFC, it was full==" lucky we have Junor the JPJ there to sweep the cheesy wedges^^.
Then, decide to go home but don't know which fellow suggest for night market at Cheras. So, ZOOM we go^^ thought it will be good to walk awhile but our awhile it already 1am!! I can't find any suitable heel, and they say me to YIM JIM. But i bought a high slipper. It was so horrible, when i saw shoe stall it was FULL of female craving for shoe making the stall look like having what big promotion=="
it was funny going out with them it is fun when the 2 old man is there~XD. It also very tiring, maybe cause when out too late. Owh~ thank to Junor to come fetch me go and back~^^~ hope got chance go out with you guys again la..


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3 Tigers In My House!!o.0

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YEAH~~ it is really that 3 TIGERS in my house~
let me count for you~

1st tiger = Chirstina my elder sis born on the tiger years^^
2nd tiger = Waja~our 1st Proton Car~ the logo is a tiger~XD
3rd tiger = new member of our family~ Proton Exora 7sitter~

it was a dream for my dad to buy a 7 sitter car cause our family have 9people~
actually my dad wanted to buy Harries~but it was so EXPENSIVE~
never mind one day he will buy it~^^~ Exora also good~***
quite cool~~ got a TV and GPS~~ also safety alarm~ and many~

then when to Econsave to groceries~
long time did not follow parent to supermarket~
so bought some snack~=P

then night when to Sense Cafe with Ling, Angie and

Monday, February 8, 2010


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Before when out~


yummY~ my fav^^

take picture~^^

who willing treat me~~xD

MY FAV~~~soft shell crab~

molester face~XD

noob face~
Herng say want buy this give me wo~xD
LOVE bling bling thingy~

LIKE this bery muchie~
this also~~RM99~~ =="
cute dollY~
so cute~~like this~~

another collection~xD